A bit of anxiety

I don’t want to leave the house with the baby. I feel anxious that she is going to get upset while we are out. Realistically it doesn’t make much difference if she gets upset at home or out and about, because either way I can usually calm her down with a feeding, but when I am faced with a car ride somewhere I start to get upset. But getting upset about going out is counter intuitive because going out is good for my mental health. Whether it’s for a walk or a trip to the store, getting fresh air and doing something besides bouncing around the house makes me feel better.

However, my fears aren’t completely unfounded, either. On our way home from a family Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, she started screaming in the car and nothing could console her until we got home. Thank god she only started 15 minutes from the house. Actual tears were in her eyes and I had to just sit there helplessly while she screamed at the top of her lungs. Damn carseat kept me from even holding my crying baby. THAT could happen anytime… hence the anxiety.

I was looking forward to going on a fall colours walk with my wife and baby today, but at the last minute I backed out. I started to cry. I was so tired of trying to calm my fussy baby and the thought of having to do that away from the safety of our house was too much for me. So my wife took the baby for the walk and I am trying to get some rest.

5 thoughts on “A bit of anxiety

  1. Our baby still screams in the car seat. I cannot even count the times I’ve had tears in my eyes driving and the amount of times I’ve begged him to stop crying/screaming in his car seat. It’s horrible to listen to. But, I still take him out because I go squirrely at home all day. Singing seems to calm him down a bit. And now I just hope he grows out of this phase soon!
    So, just know you aren’t alone with this!


  2. Yup. We now have had two car screamers. With Darwin the anxiety was so bad I would often refuse to go on trips longer than 15-20 minutes away. It was SO much worse for my anxiety with Darwin because of the hormonal response I was having, while I feel like I can at least drive pretty safely with Linnea screaming now. I don’t have any advice, but wanted to say – I feel your pain.

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