My baby is growing up… And a road trip. 

She is a few days short of 2 months old and things are already getting so much better. We still have the evening Witching Hour(s), but she now sleeps in until 8:30. Big step up from waking at 5:30 with the “I have to poop” fussies. She also naps in her crib for an hour most days, which gives me time to put away her laundry (which is a big deal now that she is in her cloth diapers). AND she has made peace with the baby swing that she used to hate, which means I can do the dishes while she swings away. Also, she can now be distracted by her first “toy” – the ceiling fan over our bed. If I need a minute to go to the bathroom or something I just lie her under the fan and give it a spin. She smiles at it for ages.

These little wins have made life so much easier.

We are going on a short trip to see my wife’s aunts in Niagara tomorrow and I’m super nervous about it because we won’t have our little routine that we’ve settled into over the last few days. It’s an hour and 20 minute drive, and they are taking us out for lunch when we get there. That’s a lot of time in my anxiety-producing situations – long car ride and public place. Hopefully she is feeling particularly sleepy tomorrow. My wife has promised me that if she cries in the car we will pull over and I can cuddle her. If she enters into her evening witching hour on our way home though, there’s not much I can do for her. The only thing that has been helping is to let her angrily nurse for hours on end in our dark and quiet room.

Fingers crossed.


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