Baby’s first vaccines & Out of the house diaper changing disaster

It’s true, what I’ve heard, that baby’s vaccines are worse for the parent than for the baby. The nurse administering them warned me that the last one really stings and that even adults find it painful. I know why she told me that – to warn me that Avery was going to really scream. But I would rather have just been warned that babies tend to cry a lot when they get vaccines than to be told she was really in pain. She did scream and it was horrible. But my little bug was super brave and calmed right down when I was allowed to pick her up. I asked if I could have a room to nurse her, but she was too stunned to nurse. She looked like a deer in headlights the whole way home. At home I rushed her up to bed where we could do skin-to-skin, and she nursed happily and fell asleep. I needed the cuddle more than she did… She seems to be having the sleepy reaction to the vaccines, which is better than the grumpy reaction. But we’ll see how the night progresses.

On another note, restrooms really need to be more mom & baby friendly. I can’t believe it is 2016 and we are still waiting for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act to become law. I was at a pub for lunch with my wife’s aunts and had to change her diaper (and feed her and walk around with her all while my burger and fries got cold on the plate). –The trip did NOT go smoothly, by the way, and was full of baby’s and my tears in the car. Anyway, I had to change her diaper and the only place to do it was on the filthy floor of a tiny, grubby restroom at the bottom of a steep flight of stairs. ON THE FLOOR. Her head was inches away from the toilet. I asked if there was another place, like an office, and they literally thought the bathroom floor was the best place for my baby. We had to walk 15 minutes from our parking space to the pub so I couldn’t even go to the car to change her. Thank god I had a change pad in my diaper bag, but it didn’t make the situation acceptable. I am appalled to discover just how baby/kid unfriendly the service industry is. It really makes me more aware of how challenging the world can be for people with mobility challenges, because it seems to me that when a place isn’t baby friendly it’s also not generally accessible.


8 thoughts on “Baby’s first vaccines & Out of the house diaper changing disaster

  1. I still bring a change pad with me, I find public washrooms disgusting, even when they have one of those change station things. Just yuck!
    Did I read the shots correctly, or did I miss something – were not able to hold her during her shots, just after???? I always hold Baby MPB on my lap with a blanket under him during his shots and wrap him up in the blanket as soon as the last shot is done and snuggle the heck out of him until he stops crying. I simply couldn’t imagine not holding him during the actual shot! But yes, I do agree that the shots are harder on us then on the babies at least when they are really young.

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    • Nope wasn’t allowed to hold her. I asked and they said no. I needed to hold her little leg still while she laid on the hard exam bed with cold crinkly paper 🙁


  2. Our nurse tried to tell me to put Darwin on the table for her shots when she was 8 weeks old and boy did she get an ear full. Shots are miserable, and it really irks me that medical staff think they have a right to tell me how our when I can comfort my kids when they’re getting vaccinations. I had to do the same thing in the hospital when they did her heal poke. Ugh.

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    • For Avery’s heal poke my midwife did it at a home visit and asked me to nurse her while she got the poke. She didn’t even flinch. I didn’t really think I had the right to tell the nurse how I wanted it to go, but now I will definitely be more forceful with my wishes next time!

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      • Yeah, that’s what we did for the heal poke too. I get so angry when I think about being told not to nurse while my baby was getting shots. Super mama bear. So sorry you had to deal with the same antiquated attitude.

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  3. Yeah it’s shocking how many places don’t have changing tables. I’ve had to do many car changes which is increasingly difficult the taller, stronger, and wigglier they become! Sounds like you are doing really well. Getting out of the house was the hardest part in the beginning.

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  4. I’m appalled at how many places don’t have adequate places to change babies. What I usually do if there’s no better option is change J on my lap – I sit on the toilet and lie her down on my knees. Which has led me to notice that public restrooms often don’t have toilet seat covers.
    I think the first round of vaccines is the worst. Hope that is true for you guys as well, and that next time is less traumatic.

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