Raising an empowered girl

I think this is something that weighs heavy on the minds of all feminist moms of girls. I want my daughter to grow up never questioning her body or her self worth. How do I do that for her?

My mom reacted to an adorable picture I took of her with her granddaughter by saying “ugh, how come nobody told me how bad I looked in those pants”. My wife reacted to a photo I took of her and her daughter by saying “don’t send me pictures that I look so bad in. I have a double chin in that picture”. I react to pictures of my daughter and I by saying “my skin looks so bad in that picture”.

All of us should be responding more like “what a great picture capturing the bond between us”, or “look how much fun we were having in that picture”. I want us to become more aware of our body-shaming and self-criticism and stop in our tracks before the words come out, but it’s clearly not as easy as it sounds because I have vocalized my concerns to everyone (including myself) and we still talk like that. It will break my heart if I ever hear Avery criticize herself for something so silly as how she thinks she looks in a pair of pants.

I want her to be strong and confident in herself and know that it truly doesn’t matter what other people think as long as you are happy and comfortable in your own skin. I want her to be free and innocent forever… Is that even possible?

1 thought on “Raising an empowered girl

  1. It’s such an ingrained habit for most of us that we can’t expect to break it overnight. Being aware of it as you are is the first and continuous step. She’ll still pick up some of it from our culture, but it won’t be nearly as ingrained if you’re aware. ❤

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