Avery’s Second Month

The 2nd month of Avery’s life (and my second month as a mom) has been a mixed bag. Overall she cried more and was more difficult to soothe than in her first month, but she was so much more alert and aware and we were able to bond even more closely and learn a bit about each other.
We went on lots of fall walks, both in the stroller and the baby bjorn. She celebrated her first Thanksgiving and went to a pumpkin patch in preparation for her first Hallowe’en. She even went to her first bonfire.

She started having naps in the crib (as opposed to only in the bassinet or in my arms). She can even put herself to sleep sometimes. She also sleeps in now, until 8:30, which gives me an extra 2 hours in the morning that used to be spent trying to soothe her. She also doesn’t mind the baby swing anymore so I can get the dishes done in the time that she is content in it.


  • Sound of the vacuum
  • Nursing. All. The. Time. Especially side lying in bed, which works for tired old me!
  • Mommy and Mo’s (that’s what we’ve decided to call ourselves) voices and faces
  • Tummy time
  • Piano lullabies on YouTube (https://youtu.be/Wm15rvkifPc)
  • Ceiling fan in our bedroom – she stares at it for ages, and it even calms her down we hold her under it. The blades are black against a white ceiling so I think she likes the black & white pattern.
  • Car rides
  • Stroller walks
  • Floating in the bath with Mommy or Mo
  • Walking around the kitchen in my arms in the morning while I try to make coffee and breakfast with one hand. Lots of wide eyes and smiles as she surveys our kitchen from over my shoulder.
  • Being in the baby bjorn with Mo (but not with me, for some reason).


  • Evenings
  • Having to poop
  • Getting out of the bath
  • Baby massage (who doesn’t like massage?!)
  • Baby swings or chairs or mats or anything marketed toward newborn baby entertainment…

I’m so proud of my little bug’s development and I’m loving getting to know her little personality. She is finally learning to sleep for longer stretches, too, with her first sleep “through the night” (AKA 5 hours) happening at 7 weeks. Hasn’t happened again since, but I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

She had her 2 month doctor appointment (no more midwife visits πŸ™) and she got her first vaccines (she was such a trooper only crying for a minute). At her 2 month appointment, which was 7 weeks and 5 days, she weighed 12lb 4oz, up 4 pounds from birth. Her length was still 23″.

3 thoughts on “Avery’s Second Month

  1. She is SO cute! Our daughter LOVED the ceiling fan. We named her Celia. We tried not to have hurt feelings that she would get more excited to see Celia than us. Their love affair seems to have faded at 4 months, but they still flirt. Also, she HATES getting out of the bath, massage, and lotion. Hates.

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