The slow cooker is my best friend

When my sister-in-law had her baby 6 months ago we were all stunned by her quick return to cooking and cleaning for her husband. She was cooking dinner every night from about 3 weeks post-partum. That wasn’t my story. I was lumbering around feeling defeated for a long time after birth and still, 2 months later, struggle to complete a meal. I get the onions sautéing and the baby freaks her freak and I have to turn the flame off and go tend to her. 

Enter: slow cooker. I have always loved my slow cooker, especially in the winter months when I could come home from school to the smell of soul warming root vegetable stews and roasts. But now it helps me put on a good mom and wife facade by allowing me to slowly prep the ingredients when the baby is chill, and then have a perfectly timed dinner ready for whenever my wife makes it home. And we don’t have a dishwasher so one-crock-pot meals are the only way to go if we want to see the surface of the counter.

Recently I made broccoli, kale, and cheese soup, apple butter pork loin with root veg, and next in the pot will be a bourbon chicken recipe from Pinterest. Now I need a second slow cooker so I can make dessert and dinner in the same night!

9 thoughts on “The slow cooker is my best friend

  1. You’ve just gotta do what works! It took me a long time to get back into the kitchen, and even now, it’s completely different than it was. I’m not in there experimenting with gourmet recipes anymore! Now it’s all about what I can get on the table that’s fast, reasonably healthy, and the kid will actually eat. Bonus points if there will be leftovers for lunches or if I can easily double it and freeze half!

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  2. You’re good to even use a slow cooker! What a great idea. They make amazing winter warming meals. My little one is 3 months and I still have only “cooked” 2 or 3 times. I’ve been surviving I crackers and anything frozen.

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  3. I love love love the slow cooker. It’s so much easier than trying to cook in a pan, with all the other bits everywhere like you said. We have two inserts so we can immediately pop something else in while the other cools, which has been helpful on quite a few occasions.


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