The Walking Mombie Phase

I don’t know if there is a hidden 2 month growth spurt that the charts never mention, but Avery is going through something. She is upset in any position and any location unless she is being walked around the house by me. The walking mombie.

For two days and nights she has been fussy and this morning is no different. She cries and cries (the frustrated cry, not the in pain cry) if I try to sit down, or god forbid, lay her down. I have a bit of a bad back (thanks genetics…) and after 5 hours of pacing the house with her I was crying as hard as she was.

My wife picked a hell of a time to get sick, too. She has been trying to keep her distance from the baby and even slept on the couch last night. So there is no one to tag team this with me. How on earth do single parents do it??? Like I did last night, I suspect – with lots of tears and feeling like you won’t survive this whole parenting thing.
I posted this picture on Instagram this morning because I have a lot of friends who have baby fever and I worry that my posting of only the best times will leave them unprepared for the reality of what’s to come.

In this picture she was screaming and flailing her arms and head butting me. Hence the blur. The black and white doesn’t show the hell-spawn red that is my eyes.

This too shall pass……….


6 thoughts on “The Walking Mombie Phase

  1. Our daughter did the exact same thing. Right around the 6-8 week mark (“peak fussy,” as they say), she somehow knew when I was sitting down and she was NOT having it. It was exhausting and we tried every baby carrier out there, but it doesn’t last. All of a sudden, I realized that the fuss was diminishing. Stay strong!

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