Mom & Baby Yoga Fail

I am not in a great place right now… I have anxiety about leaving the house with baby. Yesterday my sister-in-law visited and we went out for lunch. Avery cried the ENTIRE time. I spent lunch walking her outside and bouncing her and trying and failing to feed her, and changing her diaper right at the table cuz there was no other place… I was so emotionally and physically exhausted from that that I stress-ate a pile of Halloween candy and crashed on the bed next to Avery when the company finally left.
This morning I had a mom and baby yoga class that I had signed up for. I really didn’t want to go, but I figured it would be a good way to release my anxiety. First crappy part was that my car is in the shop and the yoga studio doesn’t have room for strollers, so I walked there wearing her and carrying all our stuff and my back KILLED. Next crappy part was that Avery was NOT feeling the yoga. She cried the ENTIRE time. The instructor was great and tried to take her for me so I could do some stretches, but it was harder on me to hear her crying in someone else’s arms than to hold her myself. The class could barely hear the instructor over her cries. I essentially paid to have exposure therapy. I am emotionally and physically exhausted from yoga. It is going to be extremely difficult to make myself go next week but I already paid, and I can only hope she will get better.

My concern, though, is that she seems to be out of the early newborn “sleep anywhere anytime” stage. She fights sleep, and I have to set up just the right environment to get her to sleep. Lullabies, darkness, and quiet. Her morning nap time is right when we leave the house for yoga, and laying on the floor in a bright room full of cooing babies is not an environment she is going to go down in.

I just need a good cry right now to release all my stress, and look forward to the rest of the week not having to leave the house.


12 thoughts on “Mom & Baby Yoga Fail

  1. Hang in there, sister. They go through these phases when it seems like there is no way to succeed, and before you know it, they are on to the next phase and things get a little easier. Even though it was no fun, the yoga picture is so adorable. ;D

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  2. Oh no!! I am so sorry things are such a struggle right now. I refuse to try going out to a meal with just me, baby MPB and a friend. I can manage when Mr. MPB is with me, but I still do not have the courage to try on my own!! I also only schedule things for between nap times to the best of my ability – napping at home just makes for a happier baby and a much happier mommy! This isn’t always practical, but I try incredibly hard to make it happen. For example, today we have swimming right at the end of Baby MPB’s morning nap, so I woke him up early this morning, put him down earlier then I like to for his morning nap because I know he’ll get a decent nap at home and then I just hope he crashes for a really good afternoon nap! I had no idea the types of things I do to try to get Baby MPB to sleep better!
    I guess, what I’m saying is in you aren’t alone in all of this! But, if you are really struggling with anxiety, have you thought about talking to your doctor? Maybe he/she will have some good advice.

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    • Thanks ☺ it really does help a lot to hear stories a about how I’m not alone in this! I may talk to my dr about it… I find it hard to know if it’s a normal amount of anxiety or more than normal.

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      • If you ever need to hear stories, I have plenty!! I almost left my full grocery cart the other day because shopping with him was pure torture (normally he’s a great grocery shopper because there is so much to watch).

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  3. Oh mama you’re doing so well though! You are not alone. Motherhood is HARD! We all panic about our babies crying in public. It’s super stressful and embarrassing. But you won’t feel like this for long. However if your anxiety is stopping you from coping, definitely talk to your doctor. As you know, I myself have post natal anxiety.

    Oh and I had the same experience with my lil one at yoga. He went mental. I ended up just breastfeeding him on the floor for the whole hour haha. Do you guys have “buggyfit” where you are? It’s a sort of bootcamp where you can bring your baby and pushchair. They usually do it in parks so nobody cares if your baby is screaming their head off.

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  4. Thank you 🙂 Helps so much being reminded I am not alone. All the other babies in the class were being superstars which didn’t help my feeling of isolation… Buggyfit sounds cool! I will definitely look for a group in my area before the snow comes.

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  5. It’s so hard when they move out of the fall-asleep-anywhere phase (for those who have it at all!) Something a dear friend told me around this point was “you can do anything for a fortnight”. It was really helpful to put it into perspective that the things that are hard will not always be hard, and often things will change within days or a couple of weeks. That’s probably the best part about number two – perspective. You’re doing a great job!

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