Weekend Update

She grabbed a hold of something and put it in her mouth for the first time yesterday. My wife had Halloween candy and was crinkling the empty package for her, and Avery reached out and grabbed it and held it tight for a while before deciding to taste it. She put it in her mouth a couple of times before we removed it… We didn’t want to let her put a dirty candy wrapper in her mouth, but we also didn’t want to discourage this new milestone!

We had brunch at our donor’s today and their 6 year old daughter was obsessed with her. They are also expecting a second baby in a few months and their oldest is excited, but as soon as Avery started crying she covered her ears and looked super annoyed. She has a rude awakening coming 😉

We have had a GREAT weekend mood-wise. She has been napping like a champ again (after a couple weeks of resisting daytime sleep), and as a result is much happier during the day. She willingly hung out in her swing and her vibrating chair while I cleaned the house and prepared meals and showered. Most of her naps had to be on me, which meant I was forced to rest.
I am finally starting to understand the joy that a baby can bring. I have loved her so much it hurts from about the 3rd day of her life (I’m being honest, there was a little bonding time required before she stopped feeling like a complete stranger to me), but she has been a lot of work. Her smiles and fun times have come briefly and sporadically between bouts of fussiness for most of her life so far. But this new taste of having a baby who didn’t fuss even ONCE on Friday and only once on Saturday keeps me going. It was the light at the end of the tunnel. She is almost 3 months old and I think she is starting to outgrow a lot of the things that made her fussy.


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