Just keeps getting better

As I launch into another blowhard post about how wonderful life with a baby is right now, I need to acknowledge how fucking hard it was for the first 2 and a half months (lest we forget…), and how hard future phases of fussiness like teething and sleep regressions may be. We are not immune, but when it’s good, it’s great. She will be 13 weeks on Wednesday, and 3 months on Thursday.
Avery has blown right through a Wonder Weeks predicted fussy period with not one single meltdown. She has cried, briefly, for reasons we were easily able to figure out and solve. But most of all, she has smiled, cooed, and laughed. We have a routine with a morning nap and two afternoon naps. These naps are IMPORTANT. I wonder now if the earlier days were so hard because she was overtired. She’s very sensitive to the environment around her when she needs to sleep. I need to draw the blinds, feed her, snuggle her, and play soft lullabies for her to fall asleep. If I meet those requirements, we have a great, rested day and her between nap time is filled with smiles and activity, rather than with fussing like before.

I think the most fun thing about our new phase is her awareness of and interest in things around her. Part of our daily routine is to get out of the house after the morning nap. We either go to the store, to yoga (unfortunately usually overlaps with the nap though), or just for a walk outside if its not too cold. She loves looking at things around her, and even stays awake in the car to look out the window. And she even gets EXCITED to go in the car seat! She used to scream when we’d buckle her in. We are hoping to take her to a drive through Christmas light display in the neighbouring town so she can look at all the twinkling lights out the car window.

At some point I will write about our sleep training plan, but for now I’m choosing to nurse her to sleep and stay cuddling with her while she sleeps because sleep is more precious to us than sleep training right now. When she is ready, we will work on forming new sleep associations. She is rapidly outgrowing her bassinet, so probably by Christmas we will have no choice but to put her in her own room for the night. For now though, I am enjoying every little bit of the end of the newborn phase.

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