Family Christmas and travelling

This is a rant post.

My parents have always been really talented at guilt-tripping me. I’m an only child, and they treat me like we’re equals, not the traditional parent-child relationship. That means that they don’t seem to feel a particular parental imperative to give of themselves for me (now that I’m an adult), but they do expect me to give of myself to them. 

Last Christmas I was pregnant (found out Christmas morning), and I gave a year’s advance notice that the following Christmas, since I’d have a small baby, I’d not be travelling and would instead like them to come to me for the first time. I live 2 hours from my mom, and my dad lives the next province over – a 2 day drive. He always stays with my mom over the holidays, but they are not a couple – just friends. I have never understood why he’d choose her place over mine as a home base.

When I reminded them that this year we’d like to host, my dad responded by saying “I guess I won’t get to see my granddaughter this year. I will have just driven 2 days to get to your mom’s and 2 hours more is too much”. My mom said “I don’t think I can get any time off this year, and it kills me to think I might not have a family Christmas with my new granddaughter”. 

They were bluffing. Of course they’d come here if I didn’t give in. But I decided to give in, all because I couldn’t handle the guilt (and I want to set a good example for Avery of giving of yourself for family). So I explained that I had given it a lot of thought and, even though it was a long drive for Avery – who so far hates long drives, she would have to get used to it eventually. I also expressed that I hoped it would be easier on us in the long run to be hosted rather than to host. My mom replied by saying she might not have time to do the cooking. 

W. T. F. 

My wife and I have always brought a significant portion of the holiday meals to every holiday dinner over the years. We do this for my wife’s family too, which has meant hauling two turkeys, two side dishes, and two desserts all over southwestern Ontario every Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. We are still doing this for my in-laws this year, who live and hour and a half away – they host because they have a huge immediate family and they would not fit in our house. I was really hoping that at least, if we are making the trip to my mom’s house, that she could take care of the food this year so we only have to prep and pack up one Christmas dinner. I think we might just put our foot down on this and if there’s no food, so be it. We’ll eat crackers and cheese. 

This Christmas is NOT going to be an opportunity for my parents to hold the baby every second she is happy/sleeping while my wife and I slave away in the kitchen, and then pass the baby to me when she gets upset from the overstimulation of being held by all these different people. This Christmas is a special time for my wife and I. For us, it is first and foremost about our new little family of 3. My parents had their magical Christmases with their own baby for years. It’s our turn now. I really wish they could understand that.


9 thoughts on “Family Christmas and travelling

  1. Gosh. That sounds so hard. This Christmas we have said to our family on both sides that if they want to see us they have to come to us. Also they need to sort all the food and find accommodation somewhere other than our house! Everybody is doing something to help. However we will have a very new baby. When Roo was 4 months we flew 45min to B’s family and stayed with her dad for New Years. It was difficult, but we did very little to help with food etc and just focused on Roo. To expect you to travel and bring food with a baby that age is very unreasonable in my opinion. I hope that you can stand your ground on the food issue at least.

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  2. Family is hard. I’ve learned that there are people who ‘get it’ when it comes to kids and people who just don’t. Or don’t care to because it would inconvenience them. I’m so sorry your parents clearly don’t get it, for whatever reason.

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  3. Nope. Nope nope nope.
    Order pizza, pick up chinese take out, eat chips and salsa. DO NOT COOK. That’s a bunch of BS.
    It’s also important for you and your daughter to learn to set boundaries. And it is a fair and reasonable boundary for you to EITHER host at your house OR travel to someone else hosting (which means cooking!) when you have a small child.

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this.

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  4. I’m gonna have to agree with Andie on this one. That’s a lot of shit to deal with for the first year of having a new baby around. It’s not very fair to you guys at all. I’d say that I’m not cooking and that I am just fine doing take out because I want to be able to spend the holiday with my baby as well. Family is so hard to navigate sometimes, and it seems like holidays sometimes serve the opposite purpose of bringing people together., That really sycks for you guys….hope things work out….

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    • Thanks 😊 I would actually really like take out Chinese food after all that traditional North American food at my in-laws right before. I will totally suggest it to the family.

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