Week In Review

Back to work

Last week was a little hectic. I was back to work and had a couple of work meetings to attend: one with the baby, one without. The meeting with the baby was fine. It was on campus and she mostly sat quietly on my lap for the whole thing. When I had to run around photocopying things and dropping documents off in various mailboxes on campus, though, she got tired and lit up the faculty office building with the foreign sound of a baby crying. 

The meeting without the baby was pretty rough. It was a board meeting, which I have avoided for the past 5 months. I came away from the meeting with a shit ton of work to do. The worst part, though, was coming home to a frazzled wife who had to deal with a very upset Avery. I thought she was too young for separation anxiety, but apparently she screamed a heart wrenching scream for the better part of an hour during the 2.5 hours I was gone. I pumped fresh milk for her right before I left and she refused the bottle yet again. I guess we will wait until she can take a sippy cup before I try to leave her for more than 2 hours at a time again.  

Trip to the Vet

Last week our recently adopted kitten, Finnigan, was neutered. We have been to the vet 3 times with this cat that we now have had for 3 months. Good thing he’s cute. On the night following the neuter he kept us awake more than the baby did by running into shit with his cone on. We finally took the cone off and trusted that he wouldn’t lick himself. He’s fine, and dare I say, just a little more calm and loving.


Speaking of being kept up at night, Avery is going through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression! She’s been waking up 4 or 5 times a night for the past 2 weeks. And now that she’s sleeping in her own room I actually have to haul my ass out of bed every time and it is much more disruptive to my sleep than bed sharing was. You know what though? I secretly love those moments where I am sitting alone with her in the dark, cuddling up to her while she nurses back to sleep. And now that she sleeps in her own room, we put her to bed between 7-7:30 and have the evening to ourselves with usually one easy to deal with wake-up before we go to bed. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to get her to go down in her crib though. We win some, we lose some. Big picture though, I see progress.

Swimming lesson fail

Avery was supposed to start swimming lessons on Saturday. We were so excited, we had her in her brand new bathing suit and were waiting by the pool, and someone came and told us that the baby swim class just ended. I got the time wrong. My wife was extra upset because she is driving into the city to do work for her old job next weekend, so she’s going to miss Avery’s first time in the pool. Baby brain is real, and it is super, super frustrating. 

Social Life

We had a busy week in the socializing realm, too. My wife had lunch with an old friend who works at her new company and I brought Avery to the lunch to let my wife show her off. We also hosted friends for dinner on Friday night, so I spent the day cooking and cleaning and trying to catch up on emails in between. On Saturday, after the failed swimming class, we drove to my sister-in-law’s house an hour and 45 min away for the day. The drive home coincided with Avery’s bedtime so she slept the whole way home. Phew.

Overall the week was good. Intense, and a new level of busy and multitasking that my tired brain is just going to have to get used to. 


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