Infant Swimming Lessons

We had our first swimming class this morning. My wife unfortunately couldn’t be there, but my mom came with us which was a huge help. I don’t know how I would have gotten Avery and I ready in the locker room without change tables, especially when we were both freezing cold and wet afterward, without a second set of hands. 

Swimming with Avery was amazing. She loved it. The goal of these lessons is to get them used to the water, so although the instructor is there to help if you want to put their heads under water or get them safely set up in a personal floatation device, it’s pretty much just a free swim. They sing songs and put toys in the water for the babies to play with, and today we learned to do front and back floating using the parent’s shoulder as a head support. Of the group of 8 parents, one baby put their head under the water (the other parents played it safe) and two babies cried the whole time. 

My baby wasn’t one of the babies who cried the whole time. This was not a replay of mom & baby yoga. Oh, the relief I felt when she was genuinely content. 

My wife will be there next week to take pictures, but I’m hoping she’ll want to go in the water with Avery at one of the lessons. It is so fun just floating around with her. 

And here are some pictures (because I can’t share them all on Instagram and I want to share them somewhere).

*super cute baby bathing suit from


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