Avery’s 5th month

Length: 26″
Weight: 16 lb

New this month:

  • Started swimming lessons
  • Became interested in petting the cats – coincidentally we’re teaching her the sign language for “gentle”…
  • CUT HER FIRST TOOTH! On Sunday Jan 22nd we first felt it during an evening gum massage (since she has been teething she needs intermittent gum massages while nursing). I interrupted a half-complete bedtime routine to call my wife in to feel it and shine a bright light in her face to see it. Worth it. I was so proud all night.
  • Sitting up with minimal support – she can now sit up in the bumbo and her booster seat but when she sees something on the ground that she wants she will fold over sideways and not be able to hoist herself back up straight.
  • Spins 360° while lying on her back. I often find her laying in the opposite direction than I put her down in in her crib.
  • Scoots/inches down while on her back. She can move a couple of feet while I have my back turned, which just means she ends up on the hard floor instead of on her play mat.
  • Sleep regression
  • Personality trait: shy. She’s a goofy, noisy, adventurous hooligan at home, and a quiet, observant, clingy baby when we’re anywhere else. Just like me.


    • The cats – she gets really excited when she sees one, she reaches for them, smiles a big open-mouth smile when she pets them, and loves to watch the kitten play with her toys…
    • Her wubbanub pacifier (but just as a teething chew toy…)
    • Her activity bouncer – new for her this month now that her neck is strong enough)
    • Bath time
    • Books and being read to – but we started noticing papercuts from trying to play with the pages. Its too bad cloth and cardboard books aren’t as fun for the adults to read…
    • Swimming lessons – she LOVES the water. No fears, no tears.
    • Outings, getting out of the house and going on short car trips. I’m thinking my hermit personality may not have been inherited by my daughter. 


    • Teething (although it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated – she’s quite happy chewing the shit out of things to take the pressure off. I think its the upcoming molars that parents curse…)
    • The bottle – as soon as she realizes that we expect her to drink from it instead of just chew on it, she screams. Literally, screams like an enraged newborn until she gets the boob, even if she has to wait an hour for it.
    • The sleep regression definitely isn’t her favorite experience… Makes her an overtired Cranky Pants McGee.

      I know I say this every month, but I can’t believe I have a 5 month old. I’ve watched my sister-in-law with her baby who is 5 months older than Avery, and when we hit each new month I think about how her cousin was at that age and it feels so old. It almost feels like she is catching up to him…

      *we plan to take the monthly staged picture today but we’ll see how the day goes… Balancing our religious obsession with getting naps and my need to do work means there’s little time for fun 😐

      5 thoughts on “Avery’s 5th month

      1. I often let my daughter hold one of the board books while I read one of the paper books…that way I get to read something semi interesting, and she’s preoccupied playing with the safer “pages.” Also, I love that I’m not the only one with a bald little girl. When is their hair going to show up!?!

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