Day In The Life With A 5 Month Old

Inspired by another blogger, I’m doing a day in the life post instead of my usual week-in-review. Day in the life blogs will be fun to look back on when life has changed and I want to reflect with nostalgia. This was our Friday this week, but it looked very similar to our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The only thing that stands out as different is that I didn’t do any laundry! 

6am: Avery wakes for the day, I get up and change her diaper, give her a moisturizer massage, get her dressed, throw some pants on myself, and head downstairs. Leave wife sleeping because she is NOT a morning person.

6:30am: Feed the annoying cats who won’t stop meowing until they are attended to. Make and drink coffee while Avery plays in her swing/bumbo/play mat. Make and eat breakfast. Do any dishes that were left over from the night before, and start to prep dinner (seems early to be thinking about dinner, but I do it little by little throughout the day as Avery’s patience will allow).

7:30am: Wife comes downstairs to grab her lunch and leave for work, and by this time Avery is tired and fussy. Work on getting Avery to sleep while I freak out internally over my long to-do list.

8am: Wow, only half an hour to get her to sleep this time. We’ve ended up taking the morning nap back in bed today. She fell asleep nursing, and I laid next to her and wrote my Food Blog entry.

9am: She rubs her eyes groggily and smiles at me. My baby waking up happy is the most beautiful sight in the world. I give her a bath because its been a while… And then put her in her swing in the bathroom while I shower… because its been a while.

9:45am: wear Avery around the house in the Moby wrap. Finish chopping veg, turn the slow cooker on, sell a breastfeeding pillow I never used to a nice pregnant lady from the Facebook moms buy/sell/trade site.

10am: Avery is pooped. That hour long morning nap just wasn’t enough. I sing to her and lay her down on the couch (next to my laptop) and nurse her to sleep.

10:25am:after lots of gum massages (poor thing is teething again) and nursing, baby is asleep with her cheek resting on the boob. I’m trapped, but I’m comfy, there are relaxing rain sounds playing on the TV, and my laptop is within reach. I do work until she wakes up.

11:20am: fucking cat jumped on the baby and woke her up. She was NOT ready to wake up, with her poor little red eyes and sad face. Luckily the boob got her back to sleep almost instantly and I could keep working.

12:30pm: Avery wakes up of her own accord. A 2 hour nap is unheard of these days. Got so much work done. Had lunch, cleaned a poo blow-out, played with Avery on the play mat.

1:00pm: got bundled up for a walk and headed downtown for a tea. It was fucking cold, and I wished I could be as cozy as Avery, in a snowsuit under a blanket in a stroller. Even so bundled, though, she shot me a couple of dirty looks (captured below) which I’m assuming were because she’s as tired of winter as the rest of us are.

2:00pm: got home and a hungry Avery was ready for a nurse and a snuggle.

2:30pm: She was all giggly and happy so instead of nursing-to-nap, we worked on dinner and I did more dishes while Avery played on the playmat. I laid her down on her back and went into the kitchen to check on dinner, and when I came back out she was on her front. FIRST ROLL OVER! And I missed it. She had rolled over before, but only in bed when the weight of my body made a dip that she accidentally rolled into. Doesn’t really count. But THIS, this is a milestone.

3:15pm: Avery finally started to crash from all the day’s excitement. We laid on the couch and nursed to sleep. I finished my work for the week.

4:45pm: My wife got home from work and we chatted about our days while Avery sat in the bumbo on the table and observed. Usually she has a lot to say to her Mo when she gets home but today she was a bit cranky and just wanted to chew on her hands (again, darn teething).

5:30pm: My wife wore Avery in the Moby wrap which made both of them happy. I did some emailing for my volunteer work. We ate dinner (with Avery still in the Moby), fed the cats, and tidied up the living room a bit.

6:15pm: Bedtime routine. My wife got Avery changed into her PJs and brought her to the bedroom where I usually take over by singing her a lullaby and nursing her to sleep. Instead, we decided to try the bottle again. I had some pumped milk in the fridge, so I prepared it first in Avery’s new sippy cup and then in the bottle. She chewed on both and had lots of fun, but still refused to actually ingest any milk from either of these receptacles. Eventually she got frustrated with us and I gave her the boob. At least we tried.

6:45pm: I finished the bedtime routine by singing our lullaby and nursing her to sleep in our bed. I left the TV on low in the room – when she falls asleep with it on it doesn’t wake her up.

7:00pm: Avery was asleep for the night, but her sleep was still in the fragile state for the first little while so I let her sleep on the boob. My wife and I watched TV in bed with her while she slept. My wife worked on a felt mobile she’s making for our friends who are having a baby next month.

9:00pm: I tried to move her to the crib. It was a successful transfer at first, but by 11pm she had woken up 4 times, so I brought her back into our bed and we slept through the night together.

Perfect day. 


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