Avery’s first illness

She started out so content and happy, playing independently for the whole day. I got so much work done. It was weird. She didn’t seem to need stimulation to keep her occupied, but instead wanted to sit quietly by herself and play gently with the same two toys. During a diaper change I noticed that she felt really hot, and even though she seemed so happy, I checked her temperature: 38°C (100.4°F). Avery has a low base temperature, sitting at around 36°C (96.8°F), and our doctor told us that we would have to be more cautious with fevers because a lower number could mean a high fever. I gave her Tylenol and her temperature came all the way back down to normal.
By evening, she was clearly feeling under the weather. We watched cartoons and snuggled, but by the time her Mo got home around 5:30, she was starting to let us know that she didn’t feel well.

The evening took us back to the witching hour from her colicky days as a 6 week old. We had to walk around the house bouncing her all evening as she moved in and out of light sleep. Her little whimpers and cries through a stuffed up nose were so sad. At 12:30am her temp went up to 39°C (102.2°F). We contemplated calling TeleHealth to see when we should be seeking medical attention for her, but after the next dose of Tylenol she fell asleep nursing in my arms and we both slept like that until 4am. So really, it wasn’t any more of a sleepless or uncomfortable night than usual for us. Well, it was more uncomfortable for her since she couldn’t breathe.

She woke up happy for the day at 7am and we put on cartoons for her to watch from bed – OUR bed, because what is a moms’ bed for if not to welcome a sick baby?

She has had lots of naps and snuggles today, and her fever is persisting as a mild fever. She still feels hot and sweaty and is super frustrated by her congestion. I hope she feels better by tonight, but as long as it doesn’t get any worse, we’re doing ok with her first cold. 

13 thoughts on “Avery’s first illness

    • We WERE handling it well, but had a blip in our confidence last night when the cries wouldn’t stop. We all had a little meltdown of worry and almost took her to the ER. For a cold. Now our confidence is back and we’re back to monitoring and lots of snuggles.

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  1. Poor baby, hope she feels better soon!
    I would be cautious about a fever + cold, if only because colds lead to ear infections, and a fever is a pretty good indication of an ear infection. If she gets particularly inconsolable and/or starts tugging at her ear, it’s probably an ear infection.

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  2. Hi Amy =) My girl had a fever a couple months ago and it would go away with tylenol but still came back for 2 or 3 days. It turned out to be roseola. You don’t have to do anything but it’s pretty scary since it’s basically JUST the high temperature – and maybe the running nose. In case she breaks into a rash in a couple days… don’t freak out! It means it’s gone =) – you know… in case she’s having what my girl had! ^^

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