I Resigned

Tonight was the Annual General Meeting of the not-for-profit I have chaired for the past two years (and have been an executive director of for three years). I resigned tonight. It felt amazing. 

The organization is Out On The Shelf (www.outontheshelf.com). It’s a queer resource centre and library. When I joined the board we were living out of a storage unit and one of our directors was suggesting we dismember because we weren’t worth keeping alive. In the time I’ve been with the organization we scored a big grant, found a permanent home, started operating at full capacity again, rebuilt our organizational structure to function in a much more efficient and productive way, got more grants, and grew in budget, volunteer power, and name recognition. It has been an extremely draining, challenging, and rewarding 3 years. 

Tonight, after the AGM ended, I packed up and left while the new directors huddled around the table sorting out all of their paperwork. The new Chair, someone I groomed when I was very pregnant and knew I would need someone to fill in for me on occasion when the baby came, very capably and excitedly organized everyone and started his term with a young and fresh passion and energy. 

It feels so good to be free, especially so because I feel confident with the hands I am leaving the organization in. I feel proud and hopeful. It was a good day. 

Now I can focus on my dissertation while the baby naps… 


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