Introducing: Our Backyard Chickens! 

They arrived! Meet the flock… 

Minerva, the Black Copper Marans hen, 11 weeks old, dark chocolate brown eggs 

Henrietta, the Buff Brahma hen, 8 weeks old, regular brown eggs 

Robin, the Ameraucana hen, 7 weeks old, blue eggs

Olive, the Olive Egger hen, 11 weeks old, olive green eggs. 

Here are some group shots. There are 6 hems in the coop right now because I picked up two for my mom. 

The coop still needs some finishing touches, and this post is already pretty photo heavy, so I’ll do a proper “coop tour” post when it’s really done and share more of the awesome little details that my wife put into it.

5 thoughts on “Introducing: Our Backyard Chickens! 

  1. They’re beautiful!! We named ours all the colors that they were: Red, Blackie, Yellow, Pepper, hahaha. Another year, growing up, all the girls had country singer names: Reba, Wynona, Dolly, Faith…

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