A Day in the Life with a 10 Month Old

I think the last DITL post I did was when Avery was 5 months old. Life is very different now… 


Avery woke in her crib. Although the previous evening had been rough, she slept from 12am-3am, and then from 3:10-5am. It was a good night!! At 5, I brought her into our bed where she slept in for another hour and a half. 


Got up, got dressed, wife changed Avery’s diaper, I brought Avery downstairs to start the day while my wife got ready for work. 


Morning routine involves carrying Avery for the whole thing or she will steal the cats’ food from their bowls while they take forever to eat. We fed the cats, went outside to let the chickens out and check their food and water, went back inside to make coffee and prepare our breakfasts, and then I buckled Avery into her booster seat so I could FINALLY have my arms free, and we ate. Oatmeal and canned peaches for both of us. 


Wife left for work and we saw her off. Then I drank my coffee while Avery played in the living room. I caught up on watching some Vloggers I follow. 


Avery was getting tired and winding down for a nap. I read her some books and then snuggled in to nurse her to sleep. This morning she napped in my lap on the couch. My wife had asked me to make a Pinterest board of cottage bathroom ideas for their family cottage rebuild, so I spent the nap doing that and writing out a cathartic blog post about how I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere with work (while I sat there under a sleeping baby perusing Pinterest)… 


She was still sleeping!! 2 hour nap!! I had to wake her up because my bladder was bursting. Changed her diaper and got her dressed for the day. I set her up with some toys outside the bathroom door so I could do my hair (a once every two week occurrence) but she chose to play with the toilet paper roll instead and unrolled it all over the bathroom and broke it up into little pieces. Whatever keeps her busy, as long as it’s safe… 


Snacks for both of us, and I watched and cheered as Avery practiced pulling herself up onto things. 


Grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping with this baby… She loves sitting in the cart and observing her surroundings, and she kept leaning forward and giving me hugs as I pushed the cart. 


Put away groceries and had lunch. I couldn’t come up with a meal idea for me so I ate the other half of her banana. She didn’t mind my lack of creativity in cheerios for lunch. 


Diaper change, tidied the kitchen and cleaned her meal area (baby-led weaning is a messy business). Played together for a few minutes until she was settled and entertained and then did some administrative tasks like paying bills, printing some tax documents (we were selected for a random review of our tax submission) and checking emails. 


Nap time. We’ve been having good luck with naps on the couch lately with the tv on quietly. I think the background noise (it’s really quiet) works for her even better than her sound machine. So I laid couch cushions on the floor in the living room and nursed her to sleep with Harry potter on in the background. It took 5 minutes for her to fall asleep. 

While she napped I read some blog comments, did the dishes, cleaned the fridge, and cut up some melon for snacks later.  


She woke up on the wrong side of the couch cushions. She whined and climbed up my legs while I did a load of laundry and made dinner. 


I took her for a stroller walk because I needed to escape the whineiness. It helped, but you can see from her face in the picture that she still wasn’t pleased. 


We got home, and then 5 minutes later wife got home. We caught up on our days while I laid on the floor sweating my ass off from the walk with a clingy baby climbing all over me. 


Avery was signing that she was hungry and was making a pretty big fuss about it, so I fed her half an hour before her usual dinner time. We ate when my wife finished getting changed out of work clothes and preparing herself for the evening of baby time ahead. I made spaghetti squash with a dairy-free, beefy alfredo sauce. It was super good, and Avery approved. She kept taking seconds off of my plate. 


Played together as a family before bedtime


Wife took Avery upstairs for their bedtime routine (change diaper and put in pajamas, tooth brushing), and then I took over to finish up bedtime (nurse while reading books, then lullaby, and rock the rest of the way to sleep. 


Avery was asleep by 7, but we’ve had such trouble with transfers to the crib lately that I held her for and extra 30 minutes before putting her down. Wife washed dinner dishes while I was upstairs with Avery. 


First waking, easy to rock back to sleep. 


Woke again, wife put back to sleep. 


Woke again, I nursed her to sleep and went to bed myself. I could go on recording the up’s and downs through the night, but bedtime seems like a good place to end the day. 

It was a boring day and a busy day all at the same time. That’s the way things are right now. Sorry I don’t have any exciting stories to regale you with, but this is the real, monotonous, life of an at-home mom with a 10 month old. I totally understand the saying that with a baby, “the days are long, but the years are short”. 

Edit6pm: played for a bit but Avery was tired-cranky. Wife took her up for bed at 6:30 and they did their thing (diaper, pajamas, moisturize, tickle fight, tooth brushing, quiet play time) and I joined at 6:45 for our routine (nurse while reading books in dimly lit room, then rock to the rest of the wagi

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