Avery’s 11th Month

Weight: 23 lb 12 oz

Length/Height: 29.5″

New this month

  • First camping trip, and it was a huge success! 
  • Pulling herself up to standing like a boss. Inches herself along the edges of furniture, and tries to balance with no hands but is still really careful and cautious about it. 
  • Got another tooth. She has an even 4 on top and 4 on the bottom now. She is also chewing really efficiently with her gums now, and I’m pretty sure she has been working on teething a molar or two. 
  • Dancing. Kid’s got rhythm. She dances to our adult music, to the theme of puffin rock, to the songs from Moana, and even to the tune of her few electronic toys. 
  • She talks with her hands. Babble is now accompanied by wild and hilarious hand gestures. She answers yes with a voracious head nod. 
  • First ER visit and x ray this month for potentially swallowing something dangerous.  
  • First time being babysat without either mom present. It was just 2 hours and she did great. 
  • She can now stack rings and fit basic shapes into the right holes (not consistently, though). When she put the circle block into the circle hole I nearly lost my mind with pride. But then she wildly threw all the blocks all over the floor to remind me that she was still a baby  😜


  • Books. She now demands that we read and re-read the same two books every night at bedtime. Sometimes I read them a dozen times each. Good thing they’re only a few pages each! 
  • Bathtime. She has always loved baths, but now she usually has the whole tub to herself (we have always bathed with her). She splashes and squeals and plays with boats and balls. I can’t wait to crack out the bathtub crayons we have… 
  • Stuffed animals. The softer the better. She gives them lots of hugs and kisses. 
  • Stacking rings and puzzles. She’s really into putting things together now instead of ripping things apart. 
  • Other kids. We hosted the last parenting book club meeting at our house and Avery loved watching all the other kids play with her toys, and even loved it when an older boy squeezed her cheeks and held her hands. She watched them intently and tried to participate by sitting with them and touching the same toys they were touching. Pretty good social skills development for an 11 month old! Don’t know where she gets it… 
  • Giving hugs and kisses. So many wonderful hugs and kisses. 
  • Favourite foods this month: sweet potato buscuits (like a tea buscuit but with sweet potato), Shrimp, fruit leather


  • Bedtime. She passionately dislikes bedtime. 

Other updates 

  • Sleep is still atrocious, but we are surviving. I’m expecting that she won’t become a good sleeper until she’s 2 and loving her own toddler bed. I still rock/nurse my almost 24lb baby to sleep and get up to comfort her every 1-3 hours. It’s ok. She won’t be a baby forever. 
  • She is still an awesome little nurser. I love our nursing relationship so much. When she’s sick she can literally nurse every 30 min for the entire day. On a regular, healthy day she usually nurses every 2-4 hours, day and night. 

      This is my last monthly update. Next will be 1 year, and after that I may switch to every 3 months because I anticipate that the changes and development will slow down a little. I want to do a first year photo book and a video montage, but I am so behind in getting photos and videos organized. It may have to wait… Here are some from this month. 

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