4 random and unexciting things on a Saturday. A truly boring read, I’m sure. 

  1. I’ve drafted 7 blog posts recently that I’m eager to post, but for various reasons they’re not ready to go live yet. Some are more professional-blogger-ish (my first affiliate links!). Others are personal ramblings. I have a lot of big thoughts and feelings to express. 
  2. Marriage and motherhood do not naturally compliment each other. It takes a lot of work, communication, and energy to make both work harmoniously. We have been working on this. It is hard, but so worth the tough conversations. I want Avery to have a healthy relationship modeled for her. And my wife and I had a great marriage before the baby was born and I never want Avery to think that she was the reason for any struggles we go through as a couple. 
  3. Screw you, PhD. I have so much stress right now from not getting enough work done on my PhD. We’re going to try a new schedule where my wife cooks dinner and takes the baby on Tuesday and Thursday evenings so I can work. I currently feel like I have no energy left for school work after Avery goes to bed, but perhaps there’s a mental sweet spot I can tap into from 4:30-6:30.
  4. We had a beach day at my wife’s family cottage today and it was great. Avery LOVES being outside. She was agreeable and fun from her 5:50am wakeup till we got in the car at 8pm to leave. We pushed her a little late… Look for adorable beach baby pictures to come when I get the SD card loaded on my computer later.

    Happy weekend, everyone. 

    5 thoughts on “4 random and unexciting things on a Saturday. A truly boring read, I’m sure. 

    1. Sometimes life is boring, and that’s okay! For the record, I didn’t think this was boring at all. Marriage is hard. Parenthood is hard. Doing them both well is near impossible I feel some days! B and I definitely need to be better about communicating sometimes…for both of us, if we’re stressed/tired/irritated/upset/whatever, we tend to shut down instead of talking. Then anger comes and we blow up at each other. We should probably make ourselves set aside a certain time every day to talk about things, but really by the time C goes to bed we’re both so damn tired it feels impossible! So we’re just plugging along for now! Good luck with your PhD stuff. I just can’t even imagine! Can’t wait to see pics and read posts!!

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      • Yes it is so much easier to just shut down when you’re stressed/tired/irritated/upset than to collect your thoughts and have a productive conversation about it. We have been just plugging along for the past 11 months with small hints to each other about what we need, but very recently a sore spot was triggered and we had to make a promise to each other to put more energy into our relationship, even if we’re tired and stressed and touched out and all that fun parenthood stuff.

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    2. If it’s any consolation, the older Charlotte gets, the easier my marriage gets. We really hit rock bottom during the first year, but things have steadily improved since then.

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