Our Picture Perfect Trip to Prince Edward Island

We had a PERFECT trip. Avery loves to travel, apparently. We had been to PEI as a family of two a few years ago and fell in love with it. Canada’s smallest Province, PEI is an Island on the East Coast that’s famous for rolling green meadows (think Ann of Green Gables), red sand beaches and red rocky ocean shorelines, towering sand dunes, and potatoes, lobster and mussels. I’ve decided to do a picture post to recap our trip. Choosing what to include here was hard… every photo evoked a great memory.



Avery loved flying. She looked out the window during takeoff and squealed with delight. She nursed exactly when she needed to to pop her ears, and spent the rest of the flight there and back playing happily with the barf bag. 


The first thing I want to point out about this picture of my wife pushing the stroller through Charlottetown is the rainbow crosswalk. This is a friendly Province. Despite its small town / rural status, there are rainbow flags flying everywhere and I felt not just supported, but celebrated, as a two mom family.  The next thing to point out is the ice cream shop – Cow’s Ice Cream, originating in PEI, has been rated as the world’s best ice cream. We agreed with this rating. 



The colours in this Province are so dramatic and full of contrast.




DSC_0766 (1)

North Rustico Harbour. 

This is my wife taking pictures of sea birds directly in front of our rented cottage.


PEI is known for its lobster, which was perfectly in season during our visit. Avery loved it. She has expensive tastes.

PEI is also known for its potatoes. Every french fry at every establishment was TO DIE FOR. We bought a sack of local potatoes and had one with every meal, and brought the rest of the sack home with us.


Avery mostly napped in the car on our way to hiking trails and beaches, but she also napped well on casual strolls along the beach in the Moby Wrap.


I. LOVE. OYSTERS. Especially fresh from the ocean at a harbour-side stand.

Lots of discoveries of ocean life.


Avery was a big fan of all the seafood, especially the halibut caught from neighbouring New Brunswick.

DSC_0666 (1)

DSC_0649 (1)

This floating boardwalk stretched a Kilometer from the edge of a forest, over a lake, and ended at sand dunes. On the other side of the dunes was the most private and stunning beach we’d seen yet. Location: Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park. My wife rocked the Phil & Teds backpack baby carrier on our hikes. 

DSC_0596 (1)


11 thoughts on “Our Picture Perfect Trip to Prince Edward Island

    • We tried out the Ergo as an alternative and liked the big Phil & Teds better for comfort. It’s lightweight and really distributes the baby’s weight well with amply padded straps. The only thing is, Avery HATED it at first. She would cry and cry until we took her out. Luckily we discovered this months before the trip and slowly got her used to it. She loved it by the time we went away.

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  1. She’s so stinking cute! I’m super impressed you can still carry her in a Moby. I used the K’tan yesterday for dog walk and I was SPENT – just not enough support anymore! Glad you had a great trip!

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