Amazing day

Yesterday was one of those days that had me feeling like a super capable mom/wife/student. I have plenty of days where I feel like I’m barely scraping by as a human being, but these great days, they’re less common. 

It started with a great breakfast, as all good days do. I made French toast fruit roll ups with bananas and blueberries. One of Avery’s favourites. I made enough for all of us, and packed some for my wife to take to work. Momming: check. Wifing: also check. 

After breakfast, Avery and I read books and I got her ready for daycare. I remembered to brush her teeth (I never remember to do this in the mornings). Daycare drop off was amazing, again. She still hasn’t shed a single tear at daycare.

Back at home I showered, shaved, did my makeup and hair, and wore a nice outfit for a work meeting. I wore a shirt I haven’t worn in over a year because it isn’t nursing-friendly.

I put dinner in the slow cooker. I poured a HOT coffee to go, and checked myself in the mirror before leaving. 

By 9:30 I was arriving at a meeting with my advisor on campus. I hadn’t been to his office since I was 8 months pregnant. It felt like a blast from the past, but it also felt like nothing had changed. As I pulled my laptop out of my bag I saw a crayon that Avery had snuck in there. I got choked up because I suddenly missed her an overwhelming amount. My advisor validated my decisions to spend more time with Avery than on work. I am so privileged to have an advisor who supports me in that way.

The work discussion with my advisor made me feel energized and inspired to start writing. I have a lot to do, but the pressure of deadlines is off right now, and I’m just going to spend my 12 hours/week of daycare time being a focused and diligent writer, and I’ll get there when I get there.

I went home and worked. I missed Avery something fierce, but pick-up was in one hour and I needed to work hard to make her time away from me worth it. Studenting: check. 

I picked her up. No tears, just a huge hug. She’d had an awesome morning playing at the park, playing with a 6 week old puppy, and she even napped. In the car I reached back to stroke her head and she grabbed my hand and held tight. I reminisced about her newborn instinctual grip on my finger. She held my hand with a death grip all the way home.

Photo from daycare, sleeping in the stroller

Photo from daycare, playing with a puppy

At home Avery played hard. Somehow we ended up with broccoli scattered across the house from the living room to the kitchen. I didn’t mind. I missed her so much that I missed the mess, too. Eventually we laid down for a snuggle and a nurse on the couch. We both fell asleep. I woke up 2 hours later and just laid there next to her, watching the autumn sun cast a glow on her face. I kissed her cheek and she smiled in her sleep. I reminisced about her two week old self this time last year, laying in that same spot, with the first hint of a smile reflex flashing across her sleeping face. She slept for 3 hours. Daycare wore her out. 

I finished making dinner while she finished napping, and when my wife got home we ate. Because she slept until 5:40, bedtime got pushed back a bit. We had a long bath together full of splashing and laughing, and then she fell asleep in my lap in her room, nursing while I read to her.

I finished off the night with a mug cake and a pumpkin beer, and snuggles in bed with my wife. All responsibilities met, all boxes checked, all magical moments appreciated and stored in memory. It was a great day. 

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