Milestone: first daycare cold 

I knew it was coming… So many blogger friends have gone through this recently as kids have gone back to school and started daycare. The cold and flu season is upon us, and there are no germier people on earth than toddlers and kids.

When I dropped Avery off at daycare on Tuesday, everyone there was sick. The girl she shares a stroller with (her new bestie) was dripping snot, and Gwen (our daycare provider) was sick, too. I knew it was inevitable. Despite having a GREAT day at daycare on Tuesday, Avery started sniffling and got really clingy on Tuesday night. I kept her home on Wednesday and she was sick as a… well, sick as a baby starting daycare. She even vomited up her lunch, probably from all the mucous in the back of her throat. Tuesday night and Wednesday night were rough… I spent most of the nights sitting in her chair in her room so she could sleep sitting upright. Today she fell asleep running errands with me in the morning so I decided we’d take it easy this afternoon and watch Moana and cuddle on the couch. Other than the fact that she’s sick and I’m somehow constantly covered in her snot, it’s a great way to spend a day.

I know I’m probably going to catch the cold next, but at least we’re coming up to a weekend and I don’t have to be overly productive right now! 


17 thoughts on “Milestone: first daycare cold 

  1. Yeah, I hated daycare for this. I had just joined work and between both kids in daycare, I was taking long “sick breaks” to tend to the kids. And then my one year old got pneumonia, which was a final nail in the coffin for daycare dreams. We couldn’t take it anymore.
    I hope your kid doesn’t fall as sick as mine did, some kids are really resilient, they fall sick but bounce back too. Mine simply didn’t., kept getting worse. Sorry to be the Betty downer here.

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  2. Oh god, the colds are endless. At least, ours were (are). I hope it’s not the case for you, but you do develop a routine, and at least a cold isn’t the flu.
    Hope you avoid getting sick and Avery feels better soon ❤

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  3. My daughter started day care 2 days a week at 10 months and got sick every week or so the first few months (or at least that’s how it felt). By age 2, she was great. Not a sick day since. She still get colds/runny nose, but not like when she was first exposed to other kids. Hope she feels better soon!!!

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