Just a quick note for posterity…

Avery cut three molars yesterday. There was an evening this week where she was screaming for an hour at bedtime and I gave up trying to get her to bed and let her cuddle in my bed instead, where she stayed, wide awake, until 10pm. My wife, who belongs to the sleep training camp, muttered something about “if she wasn’t sick right now we’d be letting her cry in her crib…” and boy did I let out a big “I told ya so” when the reason for her crankiness was revealed.

Not only was she sick, she was pushing three huge molars through her gums.

I am super proud of her. Is it just me, or is it really fun to feel your babies’ new teeth?

Oh, and she celebrated her new teeth by eating pizza last night. She just picked up a slice and went to town on it, like she’d been eating pizza her whole life. That’s my girl…  


9 thoughts on “Molars

  1. I always forget how much teething screws with sleep. Always. We are now…let me see..37.25 teeth in, and every time a new one is discovered, I’m like “OH! So THAT’S why she was such a shit sleeper last night.” You’d think I would have learned by now.

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