It’s so much sadder when they can say “mama” 

Avery’s sick again. She has a fever and a dry cough, and feels crappy.  My wife was out of town today and it was a LONG day for me. Avery was lethargic but upset. She didn’t want to do anything but lay on a pillow on the floor and watch movies. I couldn’t even get her to go in the stroller for some fresh air – cue scream-fest on the verandah for the neighbours to hear. My wife made it home just after bedtime routine was finished. I sat in her room with her for an hour and a half. She would fall asleep on me, but I couldn’t transfer her. Every time I’d lean over her crib, she’d wrap her arms tight around my neck and whimper.

But I felt isolated and lonely from the day, and I couldn’t take being alone with her in that dark room any longer. I tagged my wife in. As I closed the door behind me as I left, I heard “Mama? Mama?” and she cried softly.

Heart wrenching for both me and my wife…

My wife gets the infant-guilt-trips, too, though. As she was leaving the house this morning Avery cried after her from the verandah, “Mo??, Mo Mo??”

Somehow it’s so much sadder when they call you by name. 


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