So much sick

Avery and my wife have been sick for 3 weeks, with different bugs that they passed back and forth between them. Then we all got the flu on Sunday night and life has been reduced to basic survival around here. Sleep has been reduced to 10 minute intervals when I manage to drift off dispite extreme discomfort (discomfort because I’ve propped the baby up on my pillow so she can breathe and I’m relegated to 6″ on the edge of the bed, and because my body aches from the flu, and because I had already thrown my back out prior to the flu and now I’m rocking a 26lb baby long into the night).

But, I’m managing to make some good memories through all of this. Last night Avery woke up at midnight to a coughing fit. She was crying an “I’m so tired of this!” cry after every cough, and couldn’t calm down. We ended up putting on Moana in our bedroom at 12am and I rocked her while she watched it. Eventually she was calm and we cuddled in bed and watched the movie as she drifted off to sleep in my arms. It was 1:30am, I was so uncomfortable, but I was also so enamored with the middle of the night sick movie cuddle we shared.

Also during the week from hell, Avery learned to walk. She went from being extremely cautious and only giving us 5 independent steps per day for the past month, to today, when she started walking 90% of the time and only crawling 10%. She walks past me to have her nose wiped, but doesn’t even slow down.

I was feeling better enough (not better, just better enough) to start cleaning a bit today. I washed all of our sheets and blankets and I also finally showered, and now I’d love nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep. That dream isn’t likely to come true tonight as we’re all still coughing. But one day… Maybe… 

2 thoughts on “So much sick

  1. Sorry you’re all still sick. There seems to be a lot of crap going around here as well…then a mom friend that we were with Wednesday just messaged us and said her daughter has hand, foot & mouth…ugh!! We’ve managed to avoid everything so far…I fear out luck will be running out soon…Hang in there and feel better soon!!!

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