15 months

This age is so awesome – Avery is such a PERSON now!




Here’s what she is up to now skills-wise, at 15 months:

  • Walking. She took her first assisted steps on August 22nd, her first independent steps Oct 6, and her first string of steps (an actual walk across the room) November 6th. She took her first bypedal stroll across the room at daycare on Nov 14. Learning to walk has been a LONG process with this cautious and contemplative kid. It took her almost 3 months to go from first assisted steps to what I would call actual walking, but now, right at 15 months, she walks 90% of the time and only crawls when she’s tired or shy.
  • Knows so many words when she hears them. She’ll point to nose, eyes, ears, mouth, feet, and belly button on cue on herself, us, and her teddy bears. (she knows vagina, too, but we don’t ask her to point it out), and loves pointing out all the lights in a room, and of course cats and dogs and chickens. She says mama, Mo, more, dog, cat, duck, banana, milk, water, bath, and more (to be clear, she still has work to do on pronunciation, but we know what the words are).
  • Eating everything we eat, but has gone through a few picky phases where she refuses to eat anything that’s on her plate. But then we wait it out for a few nights and she’s back to hoovering up all her veggies. She will NEVER turn down meat.
  • She “reads” her books. Although she loves having us read to her, she’s also content sitting in a big book heap and reading them to herself, one by one. She flips every page and babbles to herself, pointing at all the familiar animals in the pictures.
  • She attempts to brush her own teeth (but we obviously assist when she’s done trying).
  • She can eat with a fork. Some things are still easier to pick up and eat with her hands, but she’s so proud of her fork abilities that she wants to use it for everything, even dry cheerios. She can successfully eat steal cut oatmeal with a fork, barely spilling a morsel. Her latest meal time quirk is to steal her Mo’s big fork and offer her baby fork in exchange. My wife has eaten several meals with a little pink handled  baby fork.
  • Can climb up and down the stairs on her own, and can climb up and down off of the furniture.
  • Potty training is on our radar. I want to wait until she can say the word potty (or some other way of telling us clearly that she has to go), but for about a month now she has pointed at her diaper and made a little “ma?” sound when she’s about to poop. She no longer tolerates sitting in a dirty diaper.
  • She doesn’t like to have dirty hands. I kind of hope this is a phase, because it’s quite a big deal for her to have any food or even a speck of dirt on her hands. She gets upset and holds her palms up like they’re contaminated with toxic chemicals. She likes to wipe her own face and hands with a cloth after eating, she asks to have her runny nose wiped, and she even organizes her food into the compartments on her plate. I hope it’s a phase. I hoped to parent by the moto “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!”
  • She loves finger painting. This is the one thing she doesn’t mind getting on her hands. Sadly, we’ve never painted with her at home, but she does it a lot at daycare. She asks for more paint and somehow keeps it on the paper and off of herself.

General Stats

  • 28lb
  • 32″
  • Wearing 2T clothes
  • 14 teeth


3 thoughts on “15 months

  1. I loved that age – you sum it up well, they become such PEOPLE around 15 months. Those photos are so great, she’s adorable!

    It’s neat reading Avery updates because June is almost exactly a year older – it always takes me back.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is one of those times that I swear we have the same kid. I’m just going to copy and paste your post into our memory book. Hahaha, just kidding. But the similarities are ridiculous.

    Also, those knitted pants are adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

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