Parenting is so hard

It is nothing like I imagined. I love my daughter so much it hurts. I love her with all my heart and soul. But parenting is hard. So hard that sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I wanted so badly to become a parent. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me, because if everyone feels this way, how are there so many families with multiple children? 

Disagreeing with my wife about how to parent is hard.

Trying to function in all aspects of life when you’re sleep deprived is hard.

Feeling stigma and judgment around things like sleep training and breastfeeding is hard. 

Being needed so intensely all the time is hard.

The thought of not being needed one day is hard.

Everything is hard. Everything is so worth it, but god, will there ever be a day when I feel I can relax and say “I’ve got this…”? 

19 thoughts on “Parenting is so hard

  1. Parenting is hard. There are many a day when I question why I wanted kids in the first place… you are not alone.

    But you’ve got this. You may not be able to say it for yourself, but I can say it for you: You’ve got this.

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  2. Parenting is the hardest job I have ever had, and it’s not like we can quit and find a new job when it gets to these hard moments. Thankfully the tough moments are sprinkled with some really great ones and that’s what makes it bearable. Often I question why the heck people have kids if they take so much out of us all the time. What’s the point? But then you get that hug or slobbery kiss and you can be reminded that those are the moments that make people want kids. You got this!

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      • Soooooo many hard times. I will admit that sometimes the hard times create a very large shadow over the good ones and it’s tough to work through it. Anyone who says raising kids is a breeze is lying!!

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  3. I’m sitting, working from home, with a 3 year old sick on the couch. And other than this little foray into wordpress, I’m getting things done. It’s still hard sometimes, this isn’t to say that everything’s gravy, but the all-consumingness of it does get better. The first two years were the hardest in terms of that aspect. You’re doing a great job, and I promise, it will get easier.

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  4. It does get easier. The physical demands lessen after two or so years when they can start doing some things on their own. By the time they’re five, they’re basically self-sufficient! Not really, but I found the mental/emotional aspect of parenting eased when the kiddos started demanding less of me physically.

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  5. Sleep makes such a big difference. It will get better. Once she sleeps and you get sleep again – which shouldn’t be too much longer, certainly not more than a year (even the worst sleepers seem to settle by 2) – you will be able to handle so much more.
    I remember thinking exactly this at 9 months and 8 and 7 and all the way down, wondering how in the heck anyone would willingly have a second. And now ours sleeps and we’re talking about a second. Sleep makes all the difference in the world. There will be other challenges, new and different and harder in their own way, but sleep dep, IMNSHO, is the worst challenge.
    *hugs* You got this.

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  6. Parenting is hard.!! It makes you wonder how our fore parents did it without complaining (if they ever do never heard it). I have 2 of my own and there are times I have to just laugh and remind myself they were quite fine wherever they were and we went and bother them. Parenting is the hardest job ever, a full time, no sick days, no days off or vacation days kind of job. As Kiwinadian said, when you get that hug, kiss and thank you mom it all melts away. Just take it in strides, don’t over think things. Don’t worry about they (well your daughter) reaching a point where you are not needed. We as moms we will always be needed whether the admit to it or not. Focus on what’s important to you and the family and its raising a healthy and happy baby girl.

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  7. This morning i locked myself in the bedroom and cried whilst my son banged on the door… then we went to the park.

    Parenthood is like the most intense rollercoaster ride you will ever go on. You simultaneously want it stop so you can get off but then you start that slow ascend and you’re like “yeeeeeees”.

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