Night weaning log – night 3

Bedtime routine felt back to normal with lots of nursing and snuggles and it took almost an hour for her to fall asleep. She ended up falling asleep being rocked, though, after having finished nursing. Finally put her down in the crib at 8:00pm.

9:00pm. First wake up. Coughing woke her up and she started crying. Wife got her back to sleep quickly and easily (within 2 minutes), but as soon as she left the room the coughing started again, as did the crying. She couldn’t stay sleeping for more than a few minutes this evening before the coughing would start again. After 3 trips upstairs in 15 minutes my wife switched shifts with me because she was trying to get work done that she’d brought home with her. I only took one wake up. By 9:30 she was still coughing intermittently, but she had stopped calling us in.

11:30pm. Wife took this one and rocked her back to sleep quickly and easily.

6:00am. Woke up for the morning. Had a good cuddle with lots of nursing in our bed until 7.


The coughing. Oh, the coughing… Why must she have so many bugs these days?? I could hear the tired frustration in Avery’s cry – she wanted to sleep. I want so badly to cuddle with her in our bed tonight because she always slept through her coughing when she was on the boob. These are the times when night weaning seems a lot harder on everyone than just continuing to nurse all of her problems away. However, she was easy to console and didn’t once ask for milk once I had switched shifts with my wife. She didn’t even want water. Just a hug and a back rub. She is a noticeably more independent sleeper already.

I can’t believe that she slept from 11:30 until 6am without calling us once. I’m hesitant to say we’re done with the night weaning training because I feel like it was far too easy… I’ll do one or two more nightly logs to be sure before I announce that this is our new normal.

8 thoughts on “Night weaning log – night 3

  1. I’m wondering if the naps at daycare are helping with this a bit? It has to figure in at least a little bit, I would guess. Glad things are going well, and I hope her cough goes away very soon!! Are you getting a bit more sleep, or are you still up with your thoughts and your sore boobs? (I still have milk present almost 2 months later!! Not engorged or leaking, but if I try to express just to see if anything comes, it still does. Hope it goes away soon!)

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    • She actually doesn’t get a nap at daycare. She’s in half days and naps in the afternoon at home, but her naps at home have been more independent, too. Nurses to sleep, but then stays asleep on her own for 2-3 hours (ok, nights have been horrid for her, but she’s an amazing napper. I’ve been lucky there). So I have to chalk this new awesome sleep thing up to night weaning entirely. I also think this was the perfect age to her try it with her.
      I am getting much better sleep now, too, because I’m STARTING to expect that she’ll sleep through. It’s so amazing. Also luckily (I feel so lucky in how this is going now), she has started having great morning feeds again, and I THINK my supply has caught on to the change. Phew!

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      • Oh I thought she did! I remember you talking about how they would just be putting her down for a nap and you didn’t think it was going to work. Glad things continue to go well…I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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      • I was worried about that, you’re right! But it turned out Avery was ready to transition to one nap a day by the time daycare started, and since she’s only in care for the morning, she could have her nap at home with me! We got lucky!

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  2. 11.30pm to 6am!! That’s amazing! I hope I didn’t just jinx it. I’m just having flashbacks to the first time Lady Jr slept that long and how much better I felt. I hope this is your new normal. ❤ ❤

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      • I was in a meeting with my advisor today and we were talking about some pretty heavy stats stuff and I was grinning from ear to ear. He asked why I looked so happy and I said it was because I can function again… I can keep up with intellectual conversation. I can work.

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