Night weaning log – night 4

Normal bedtime. Lots of nursing and cuddles.

8:30pm. Coughing fit. Wife rocked her back to sleep.

Lots of intermittent coughing but no wake ups.

11:30pm. Coughing fit. Wife rocked her back to sleep.

12:30am. Woke crying. Wife rocked her but couldn’t transfer her. Avery clung to her neck and would wake, upset, at every transfer attempt. She tried for almost an hour before I offer to tag in. I rocked her for another 20 min before she could be transferred. Finally back in bed at 1:40.

6:00am. Woke for the day and nursed really well in our bed for morning cuddles. 

Reflection: not a bad night, compared to what we’re used to. I think the coughing was the culprit of all our problems last night. She didn’t ask for milk and didn’t even try to reach for my chest when I went in to rock her. 


2 thoughts on “Night weaning log – night 4

  1. Wow – it sounds like a success! I’m almost inspired to try it too. We don’t have the gift of being able to rock her back to sleep. We’ve never done much rocking. So at home, it’s only been boob, stroller, or a little bit of crying to get her back to sleep. I’m afraid if I try to hold out the milk during the night, she’ll just cry and cry. I lay with her, of course, and try humming, back rubs, pats, etc. but she just gets more mad at me – pushing my hand away and saying “nonononono.” I’m tempted to try, but also not super motivated, because I don’t mind sleeping with her or waking up to nurse all that much. Hmmm.

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    • Yeah, I needed to get to that breaking point where I was super motivated. For a long time I didn’t even mind getting up a thousand times because I loved nursing her back to sleep. And I was terrified of not being able to get her back to sleep without the boob and had visions of rocking a screaming angry baby for 8 hours… I think it worked for us for two reasons that are super important: I was ready, and Avery was ready. She seemed to understand what no milk meant, and it’s almost as if she understood why….

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