Night weaning log – night 5, the conclusion

Bedtime was a breeze, but I think that’s due to missing afternoon nap. Took 20 minutes from bedtime story to putting her in the crib and closing the door – and that includes a coughing fit (side note: we might have to go to the Dr for this cough soon if it keeps up much longer).

8:15pm. Surprise, surprise, woke up from a coughing fit. She coughed other times before now but didn’t ask for us.

5:30am. Woke up. We agreed that any time after 5 was ok to announce to her that she made it through the night and now it’s time for morning cuddles in moms’ bed. Nursed and slept in our bed for another hour.

Reflection: Guys… We’re sleeping through the night (by my standards) now. This is some kind of magic. And I’m still getting the good morning cuddles where she gets another hour or two of sleep laying on my chest, nursing on and off.

I declare this night weaning sleep “training” a success! I suddenly feel human again. I feel like I can be an efficient worker again. I feel like I am a better mom now (not just laying on the floor all day while she climbs on me). I even have affection to spare for my wife – and even the cats! I’m going to go bask in the glory of a full night’s sleep now.



5 thoughts on “Night weaning log – night 5, the conclusion

  1. WOW! What an inspiration! I’m super impressed – it sounds like you really listened to your instincts and waited for the right time for this transition to occur. The fact that it really only took a handful of days makes it seem like Avery was truly ready. Good work, mama!

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