Singing and dancing

Avery has started singing and dancing. A lot. It seemed to have come out of nowhere,  but it turns out her daycare provider (Gwen) does a lot of singing and dancing with the kids and Avery was bringing what she learned home with her.

That’s one of the coolest feelings I’ve had as a parent – my kid learned something outside of our home, outside of our parenting, and brought it home to share with us. She’s teaching us if you’re happy and you know itwheels on the bus, and rollie pollie. 

So cool.

This is a pic Gwen sent us of her finally engaging in circle time at the playgroup they go to (she usually just sits with Gwen and observes from a safe distance).


9 thoughts on “Singing and dancing

  1. Cadence loves to dance! She started a few months ago, but wouldn’t do it often. Now, any time she hears music, she stops whatever she’s doing and dances!! She almost fell off the balance beam at gymnastics yesterday doing that lol. She doesn’t sing though…I’m eager for that to start! Avery is adorable, and I’m so glad she’s venturing out in life more. Such an incredibly fun age!!

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  2. That is one of the best feelings in the world. I love when my son comes home and shares something new with us. It is one of the most amazing things in the world. Your little girl is adorable, she makes me want to have one of my own. LOL

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  3. Last night we were stuck in traffic while trying to get home and H saw a bus outside of his window. He started talking about the bus and demanded I sing “bus song”, aka “the wheels on the bus”. I started singing it enthusiastically and suddenly he was doing hand motions along to the words! He was doing a rolling action with his hands and arms, then covering his eyes for the baby going “wah” part, and more. It totally surprised me but 100% made me light up and feel true happiness watching him! It’s really neat seeing them learning as they grow older and even more neat when they learn it away from you. It shows how valuable daycare can be for the amazing development of the little ones!

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