Day in the Life with a 15 Month Old

It seems that every 5 months I write a post about a day in the life with Avery. At 15 months, Avery’s in daycare part time, napping once, and otherwise running around like a hooligan, so my days now are drastically different than 5 months ago. Here’s yesterday. It’s was a pretty typical day.

5am. woke after sleeping through the night (biggest difference from the last DITL post!), and came into our bed for another 2 hours of snuggly sleep.

7am. Awake in our bed, poking her Mo and pointing to her diaper, trying her best to say “dipe.” It’s their morning ritual. After she’s changed, I take her downstairs in her pajamas and we feed the cats. She helps by picking up the bowls and handing them to me. We make breakfast, and eat together at the table.

7:30am. See Mo off to work, go upstairs to get dressed (both of us have to get dressed still). Whatever time is left before we leave for daycare is spent playing.

8:10am. Leave for daycare. This is going to get earlier and earlier as the snow starts to accumulate.

8:30am. I’m home again, and start working on my dissertation. Sometimes I make a meal for myself while she’s gone, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I do a load of laundy, sometimes I don’t. I technically have 3.5 hours alone to do work, but I usually only work for 3. On this day I did laundry and ate leftovers, so it was a really productive morning.

12:10pm. Time to pick her up.

12:30pm. Home with a sleepy baby. We lay down on the couch together and I nurse her to sleep. Usually takes 5 minutes. Once she’s asleep I roll away and continue to work, usually right next to her on the couch.

3pm. She’s up! She has such awesome naps these days… She gets a variety of foods to snack on because she has suddenly become a picky toddler, and we play with her toys. She gets lots of fresh air at daycare so I don’t worry too much about taking her for walks in the afternoons when it’s cold out. Of course, this means I get very little exercise again… Those daily stroller walks I used to do when she was littler were so good for me.

4:30pm. Start dinner, do dishes from the day. Avery usually helps me by pulling all the pots and pans out of the cupboard, or by climbing up my leg and whining because I’m not paying attention to her.

5pm. Mo gets home. On this day I took my computer upstairs and left the two of them to play together and eat dinner together while I did more work. I could hear them giggling and playing, and for a little bit after dinner, they watched some Kazoops! on Netflix. Most days I eat dinner with them. It’s our only time during the week to be together as a family.

6:30pm. Bath time! Mo bathes Avery while I wrap up my work.

7pm. Avery gets handed off to me once she’s all ready for bed, and I sit with her in her dimly lit room and read stories while she nurses. When the stories are done, I turn the light off. It usually takes 45 minutes for her to fall asleep, and I wait another 10 minutes to be sure I can transfer her to the crib.

8pm. I’m back downstairs and free for the evening. My wife has been taking the bedtime to 1am night shift, so, even though Avery’s NOT waking up much anymore, I can relax knowing that if she does, I’m off the hook. I ate dinner after bedtime because I did work over dinner time. My wife and I watched TV. If I don’t work in the  early evening, I try to do some in the late evening.

10pm. Grown up bedtime. Sleep. All night. Start again the next morning.



*After writing this I realized how little time I spend interacting with Avery now, in comparison to 5 months ago. Even though she’s only in daycare 4 days a week for half days, my work week feels more and more like an actual work week, especially with her long afternoon naps. Luckily my weekends with her are 3 days long and we always fill them with quality time. I really love how our schedule plays out right now. I suspect that at our 20 month update I’ll be working even more, and might have to do a weekend DITL so it’s more interesting!


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