Weekend Update 

We had a family-fun-filled weekend. Worth a post.

On Saturday my mom arrived because she was going watch Avery for a date night. In the afternoon we made a gingerbread house together. I thought Avery might be too young for it, but she had a blast and participated (while strapped into her booster seat) for almost 2 hours before she got wiggly and wanted down to run around.

While my wife and I got ready to go out to her work Christmas party, Avery and her grandma coloured and played with stickers. I’m astounded by how her favourite activities have so suddenly become toddler activities. Of course, she still occasionally eats the crayons, but she also loves putting them to the paper. 

My wife and I were out for our first date that overlapped with bedtime. We used to come home by 7 and I’d rush upstairs to put Avery to bed as soon as we got home. But this time we were going to be out late. Like, 10pm late 😰. Despite all the sugar Avery had during gingerbread decorating, my mom somehow, miraculously, got her to bed in her crib. Apparently there was about 5 minutes of crying involved, but while my mom was holding her. I think it was from being overtired more than anything – they stayed up late and watched movies.

My wife and I had a really fun time. I realized I hadn’t worn high heels in over a year. I was less than graceful.

That night Avery slept until 3am without waking, at which point my wife brought her iinto our bed because we are ALL sick. Again. But Avery’s on the mend while we’re justing coming down with it.

On Sunday we all went to the nearby butterfly conservatory so we could soak up some much needed humidity. This is where it became glaringly, undeniably, obvious that we now have a toddler. The baby days are gone.

Avery ran the course of that butterfly conservatory, roaring and screaming with excitement, not once looking back to see if we were following. She refused to hold our hands. She kept photo bombing other families and we had to hold her by the collar of her shirt to hold her back. It was awesome. She loved it so much.

And now we’re napping in front of the cool mist humidifier and wishing for a day to come when we are all healthy at the same time. 


8 thoughts on “Weekend Update 

  1. The humidifier has become a staple in our home too. To the point my 2 year old knows that it’s part of the bedtime routine to put water into it and he turns the button on. We have three of them in our house. Two in our bedroom (it’s a huge room) and one in H’s room. Seems overkill, but those things are miracle workers!!!

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