Daycare love and exposure to the outside world

We love our daycare. Avery loves her daycare. In the mornings there are 3 other big kids plus Avery’s best friend (also 16 months old). They all walk to the nearby school together, bundled in their snowsuits. Avery loves the attention from the older kids. Then the two babies/toddlers go back to the provider’s house and play, sing songs, or, once or twice a week, go to a nearby play group. She’s only in care four days a week for 4 hours a day, but she has developed a strong attachment to the people and the place.

Here’s Avery hugging the daylights out of her best friend. I’m not imposing a friendship on them – they’re actually tight. 

The facial blur is super creepy, but your know, privacy.

Interaction with other kids is an important part of socialization, and gives my little only child a great bit of exposure to the outside world. However, sometimes kids get exposed to things we’d rather them not be exposed to. That’s life. For us, this came in the form of a really sweet gesture from her daycare buddy’s parents. In a Christmas gift (from Avery’s friend herself, of course  😉), there was a Disney princess book. This book prescribed that “princesses must arrive in high style, with a beautiful gown and a sweet-hearted smile.”

I can’t get behind this message. I want Avery to know that princesses can wear whatever the fuck they want, and they don’t always have to put on a “sweet” smiling face if they’re not feeling it.

So I think we’re going to let Avery play with the book for now, but we’re definitely not going to read it to her. It feels kind of awkward. But still, sweet gesture.

Anyway, today was the last day of daycare until January. Avery seemed to understand that she would be away for a while. She unabashedly hugged our provider (AND her husband whom Avery had only met twice), and waved goodbye to her best buddy for seriously like 5 minutes at the door. She then had a tantrum when I tried putting her in the car. She loves that place. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

But you know what else gives me the warm fuzzies? Spending the next almost two weeks with my baby and my wife, doing Christmassy things with a toddler who is starting to get EXCITED about Christmassy things. I think I’ll be saying this in every blog post for the foreseeable future: this age is so much fun! 


3 thoughts on “Daycare love and exposure to the outside world

  1. I definitely agree with your decision not to read her that book. At least not that part of the book. My little one is too little to understand too much of what we read to her, but we were gifted some pretty awesome, strong female books. So it’s easy to stick to the good ones 😉

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