I don’t want to be like this… I want Christmas to just be happy and exciting with my little one. But it’s a stressful time of year. 

The travelling has been atrocious with two long drives in which we thought we were going to die. Zero visibility snow storms and a screaming toddler in the back seat ensuring our blood pressure was through the roof. 

The family time has been trying. Gifts were in excess of our agreed upon budgets, and although we explained that we don’t want Avery too spoiled (for many reasons), our request was ignored. We were completely overwhelmed when we got home, trying to find places to put all of the noisy, ugly, plastic STUFF. Our garbage bin is overflowing, and I feel bad about that. Next year we want to wrap presents in cloth bags. 

Avery’s sleep issues went from under control to a whole new hell – now she seems to have baby insomnia and is just AWAKE for hours every night. Nothing will get her to sleep, even nursing in our bed (I broke the night weaning because we were desperate, but it turned out that didn’t even work for sleep anymore). She also refuses to be in her crib again, after 9 months of being totally ok with it. So we’re tired. I’m touched out. I once again have no evenings free to rest. If she’s not glued to my (or her Mo’s) body, she’s crying. Please be a short developmental phase. PLEASE. 
But, on the other hand, Avery had a great time seeing her extended family, she loved opening presents, and she was an absolute pleasure to be around. When I’m stressed and tired and just want to be at home in my bed with the covers over my head, I just have to look into Avery’s eyes and I see that the world is good again.

Except at night. At night the world is bad through her eyes, too. 

9 thoughts on “Bahumbug

  1. Hopefully it’s just the stress of travel that’s caused the sleep regression and she’ll be back to normal soon. 😦 We’ve been having some separation anxiety since we got back from traveling, but it’s starting to fade a bit. I have no idea if it’s coincidence or not, but it does make sense that big events would leave them a little anxious?

    Ugh and I hear you on the *stuff*. My wife’s side of the family is really good about that kind of stuff, but I’m weary about when we visit my side. We’ll have to set boundaries, for sure. And the wrapping waste, omg.

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    • I think it’s separation anxiety for us, too. I don’t know if it would be because of the events or travelling, or if it’s just coincidence. Last night we both laid with Avery in her room on the floor for 4 hours and she just kept sitting up suddenly and looking to make sure we were there. Every 5 minutes. When either of us tried to leave the room she had a meltdown. Screaming that blood curdling tantrum scream…. So finally at midnight we brought her into our bed where she still kept waking to make sure we were there, but at least we were slightly more comfortable. And she was attached to my boob ALL NIGHT. I am so touched out this morning. I really hope your bout with separation anxiety ends quickly too! I’m glad it’s already getting better. It’s really tough!


  2. We’re on an alternating year travel schedule, and although this was our home year, my in-laws decided to visit for NINE DAYS and it was every bit as stressful as traveling. I have dreams of just being at home and not having to host people – I would be happy to do a dinner, brunch, or even both, but nine days was just way too much. We didn’t have the most “festive” and “happy” holidays either…I’ve already started my list to try to make next year more enjoyable. Even though we’ll be traveling to California…

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    • I guess it’s just hard with a baby/toddler and lots of extended family time, whether you travel or host. I agree that hosting can be stressful. We don’t have any spare bedrooms though so we rarely have people stay over. Hosting a brunch is a great idea.


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