When life gets you down

Is it weird to be really excited to get home to breastfeed so I can get the hit of oxytocin?

I’ve been feeling overwhelmingly negative lately. Marriage stuff, student loans and other money stuff, tiredness from this never ending flu/pneumonia/sinus infection… It’s all stuff I can usually handle without getting caught in a cycle of negativity. But this week – the week of my second post-partum period – I’m down in the dumps.

5 thoughts on “When life gets you down

  1. Ugh me too! I only just got my periods back too (my daughter is 15 months) and I’m really struggling with the hormonal shifts. And what is this about an oxytocin high? I never get that when I nurse my daughter!

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    • These hormones can really affect us! It’s wild! I actually don’t know if the oxytocin continues past the Infact stage (maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t), but when you’re nursing a newborn you get oxytocin surges to help with bonding. I was half joking when I said I needed that rush when I got home… Sometimes I do feel a lot more relaxed after breastfeeding, but other times I feel awash with anxiety! Who knows…
      I hope you can find some balance with the hormonal rollercoaster soon!

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  2. Ooof, I hear ya. Most of the time I just pretend my student loans don’t exist. I think there’s a normal hormonal letdown that happens as you wean, even if slowly. I’ve had several friends comment on how hard it is. And of course a period doesn’t help things at all. Hoping for sunshine and rainbows your way soon! Figuratively and literally.

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