We got the disease

Hand, foot and mouth disease is THE WORST virus we have encountered so far. Avery came down with it a week ago and her nearly full body blisters are finally scabbing over and healing. She still has a cough to the point where she just threw up all over her bed when she was desperate for a nap, and she still has snot for days to the point where she had a bloody nose yesterday from the irritation.

I came down with it Sunday. I had intense pain all over my body, a migraine, and a high fever. My throat was so sore I couldn’t eat, and had to force myself to sip water. Yesterday I got the sores. Let me just say, this should technically be called hand, foot, mouth and genital disease. Guess where all I have these nasty, painful blisters. I’ve been on a liquid diet for 3 days now because of the sores in my mouth and throat and I have no energy.

But I can’t let that stop me, because my wife came down with it last night. She’s in bed right now sleeping off the fever. I can’t afford to be this sick or this exhausted with a sick kid, but that’s parenting for you.

It’s HORRIBLE to get something like this after your kid has had it and to know what it felt like for them. My heart breaks for Avery. But thankfully she’s eating better again now, and there’s only a couple of sores left that are still open. The rest are scabs that we just have to keep her from picking.

I am in full regret mode that we ever sent Avery to daycare. It has taken so much away from what could have been an amazing second year of Avery’s life. So many awesome developments have happened with her, but any joy we’ve found has been squeezed into the few days we’ve been healthy in between illnesses. Not to mention the fact that I spent a large percentage of the work days that daycare has afforded me out of commission from some virus.

I’m just angry at life right now, but I know it could be worse. Viruses are temporary. Eventually – although I find this hard to believe even as I write it – we will all be healthy again. Maybe we’ll have a healthy summer and we’ll be able to go to parks, interact with other people and kids, and be free from the sometimes crippling effects of viruses. Maybe.


14 thoughts on “We got the disease

  1. That sounds so rough… what a nasty illness. If it’s any comfort, our kids aren’t in daycare but we were also sick ALL winter. We’ve had an almost three week break now (touch wood) and it is the longest since Matilda was born she was two weeks old when she got her first cold. I think if you do any activities with other kids at all (we do gymnastics and music class) they are just inevitably going to get sick a lot, daycare or no daycare. Hope you three get a break soon!!

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  2. Ugh, this sounds so awful. I think we often catch bugs at the library, playgrounds, and rec center, if it makes you feel better. I hope you all bounce back quickly! Also, nothing like a few sores to squelch any lingering libido, right?

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  3. I’m so so sorry. If it’s any consolation, apparently it’s much milder in kids and doesn’t hurt nearly as much. Something to do with grown-up immune systems vs still immature ones.

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  4. The world is filled with viruses and every child goes through a lot of them. Hopefully Avery’s almost done with the common ones now.
    1 of my grands had HFM from the rec center, gave it to the daddy that travels internationally…. HFM in a hotel in Italy while on business trip is not discussed in that household even 4 years later. HFM is way worse in adults according to doctors. That grand has been remarkably healthy through 4 years of school. The elder grand (different parents) after a grim runny nose 6-9 months of her second year (playgrounds, swimming, dance/gymnastics ~ not school) is now 9 years through school without being absent for viruses/germs.
    Hoping both of you moms are improving every day!!!
    Now is the time to review lice prevention methods because that is a HUGE nuisance to clear up, lice are increasingly resistant to controls, they seem to be more endemic than HFM, and spread through groups and families faster than can be believed.
    Much support to you all!

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  5. I will tell you what the doctor told me when our oldest went though this phase, ‘she will get all these bugs sometime, if not at daycare it will be school when the symptoms are stronger and that amount of time off can be detrimental to learning’. It made me feel better about it, so hopefully it works for you too. Good luck.

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