Prying children from their parents’ arms: Life is a living hell for so many humans and I have nothing hopeful to say about it.

I just can’t handle the news again. The separation of children from their parents at detainment camps is too much for my emotions to handle. I donated a bit of money to an organization set out to help the families to reunite, but there’s nothing else I can do. And it hurts. There’s a sound clip that has been used on the radio news coverage of this traumatic situation – a young child crying for their mother. It tears me apart inside to hear it. I can’t handle children going through trauma now that I’m a mother – I just can’t. But what can I do? I feel completely useless in this situation.

Maybe I’m extra sensitive because I just stopped breastfeeding AND I have my period, but the situation in the states is more than I can handle. I’ve been crying about it. I’ve been trying to avoid listening to news. I’ve been squeezing my daughter so tightly, and living in equal parts graditude for the privileged life we have, and utter fear that it could all be taken away from us and we could also be torn apart by any number of terrible events.

That is all. Sorry for the bummer post.

9 thoughts on “Prying children from their parents’ arms: Life is a living hell for so many humans and I have nothing hopeful to say about it.

  1. I know how you feel. It makes me ashamed to live here in the US. I fear for where this country is going. I know it sounds cliche to want to move to Canada, or any other developed nation for that matter, but I really do want to leave this place before it gets worse. I feel so helpless here. It’s depressing.

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    • I believe that you (and many other vulnerable or progressive people) want to leave. And I can also imagine how torn you might feel about wanting to leave your HOME because the questionable values of your government have taken over and made your home a dangerous place to live. It’s really a sad situation.

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  2. Seriously, right? I feel like I can’t even browse social media because everything is so, so depressing. I can’t listen to those sound clips, and I know it’s privileged of me to be able to block it out, but I literally can’t stomach it all right now. On top of the immigration stuff, it seems our “commander in chief” is doing his best to screw up nearly every good thing that has developed in the last 50ish years.

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  3. It’s been really hard lately watching the news. And today’s recent development (which doesn’t seem to have gotten a lot of traction in the media yet) is the scariest: one of our liberal leaning supreme court justices is retiring next month he just announced. These appointments are lifetime appointments and since Republicans control basically every branch of government at the moment, it is most certain that a far-right conservative will be shoved through and remain there long after Trump is gone. I think darker days are ahead, unfortunately. I feel sick for other families at the moment, but fear for the future mine as well. I never could have imagined seeing the US in this kind of condition with a reality show TV personality at the helm. I have no plans to move to Canada but also feel powerless to stop it.

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    • Yeah that’s a good point… As the progressive people throw in the towel and evacuate the destruction, it leaves a bunch of people too marginalized to be able to leave, with an even larger majority of Republicans with ALL the power… You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.


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