New plan for making baby #2

We had been talking about doing reciprocal IVF for baby #2, and starting the process at least a year from now so I could have some employment under my belt.

Well, we did the math and realized that our kids would be at least 4 years apart doing it that way, and we both wanted our kids to be 3 years apart. I guess we just glazed over that fact before…

Also, my wife decided that having her genes in our next child wasn’t important enough to be worth the expense and the intrusiveness of the IVF procedures.

So, our new plan is to make baby #2 the same way we made baby #1: at home AI using our known donor. And the timeline has moved up to start ttc sometime around this December.

So I’m enjoying my alcoholic beverages a little extra right now and we’re working on a to-do list of things we want to get done before we add a new baby to our family (things like purge and clean our shed, paint a few rooms in our house, spend a night away together without our baby #1…).

Of course these plans are always subject to change as we continue to discuss what life would look like with a second baby and still only one employed parent… But this is our new plan, and I’m getting excited about it.

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