“Avery no baby!”

We’ve started talking to Avery about maybe making her a baby sister or brother to see how she reacts (although realistically it’ll be a year before she actually GETS a sibling). I asked her if she wanted a baby.

Poor choice of words.

She adamantly shouted, “no baby! No baby, mommy!”

I asked her why not, and she said “Avery no baby. Avery big kid.”

Ooooh. Yeah, she’s sensitive about being called a baby right now 😂

So I rephrased the question. “What do you think about our family growing so that it’s mommy, mo, Avery, and a NEW baby?”

“New baby! Yeah, new baby.” And then she gave me a huge hug and a kiss. Heartmelting.

We’ve brought it up a couple of times now and she, SO FAR, has always seemed on board. My sister-in-law is due with her second in a couple of weeks and I’m interested to see what Avery will think of them, and I also want Avery to watch our nephew and his new baby sibling interact (as much as a newborn can interact…) so she can start to comprehend what “sibling” is.

In other news, I’m kicking myself for purging all of our TTC stuff… I had a massive bag of syringes that I had ordered from China and an equally massive bag of cheapie OPKs, and back when I was 99.9% sure we were one-and-done, I threw them away. I was tired of them cluttering up my closet. Now I’ll have to source all of that again. I also ALMOST gave away all of my maternity clothes, but luckily I had been too lazy to dig them out of our crawl space.

At the start of my next cycle my wife wants me to start taking my morning temperatures again to track ovulation. That was the most reliable method we found for getting AI timing just right. I recall that you’re supposed to set an alarm at a consistent early morning hour every day so that you get your temp reading immediately upon waking (before getting out of bed or otherwise moving a muscle). Currently, my toddler wakes me around 5am with a blood curdling scream (she then calms down and goes back to sleep when I go to her room and cuddle with her). So, I guess I’m supposed to take my temp at 4:55am? Yeah, right. Not gonna happen. I’ll do the best I can do, and maybe during the month we’re actually TTC I’ll take it more seriously.

I’m happy with how on board my wife is this time. Last time I felt slightly embarrassed by my planning and cycle tracking and more planning… I had to explain why I needed to buy a giant pack of these OPKs from China and she didn’t really get it or appreciate that they really were necessary. Same goes for taking my temp – she thought I was nuts. But now she has seen what it takes to get pregnant with as little wasted efforts as possible and this time SHE’S pushing ME. It’s nice.

5 thoughts on ““Avery no baby!”

  1. Kids are so cute. We talk to C about her “sister” all the time, and she repeats “sister” back to us. She also knows there’s another baby room set up in the house. I don’t think she truly comprehends though. I don’t think they can at this age, until it becomes real. She still loves babies though, so fingers crossed!!
    I’ve seen commercials recently for some bracelet thing that will track your temp for you while you sleep so you can figure out when you’re ovulating. Here’s a link, if you want to check it out!
    It’s pretty expensive though, not sure if your sleep or the money is more valuable to you! 😀

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  2. My wife thought I was nuts the first time around with the temping and the OPKs. I always felt a little sheepish too. Then, when she was trying, I think she appreciated my diligence.

    One other note, when I first started tracking again for #2, my hormones were still a little sluggish from pregnancy and breastfeeding. I returned to maca root to feed my body’s endocrine system, and it really helped me get back to pre-pregnancy normal. I took femmenessence maca harmony, but I’m sure there are other similar good brands. You may not have that problem, but just a tip. And there’s really no risk, since it’s a food. Just the expense of the powder or capsules.

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