Dreaming of your unborn child

I was looking back on my old blog posts from early in my pregnancy with Avery and I came across an account of a dream I had when I was just 7 weeks pregnant

I had my first baby dream since getting pregnant, and it was magical. I didn’t want to wake up. My wife and I were cuddling a beautiful brunette baby girl… It was so real and so wonderful…

And although Avery turned blond when her newborn hair fell out, here’s a picture of her as a newborn:

Did I have some intuition that actually allowed me to KNOW the sex and future hair colour of the embryo that was growing inside me? I’m not inclined to believe so, but it’s certainly interesting to consider…


1 thought on “Dreaming of your unborn child

  1. Oh absolutely. I definitely feel like I’ve “known” each of my babies before they arrived in some strange, intuitive way. For each of them, it’s like they “wave” at me or show a little glimpse of their spirit when I come across what I think will eventually be their name. It’s totally real and I think many women feel it.

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