Early “threenager” behaviour?

Oooh the defiant toddler. A challenge to the body, mind and soul. Part of me loves to see her independence and sense of will power develop, because she was always such a passive baby (as long as she was glued to me). But another part of me sometimes wants to throw my hands up and take a little childless vacation.

Today when I picked her up from daycare, our daycare provider, Gwen, warned me that she’d had some trouble listening. Yeah, story of our weekend. When we got home (for nap time) Avery wanted to wear her shoes to bed. I wouldn’t let her. She stormed off up the stairs to her room in a huff, telling me “Avery stay at Gwen’s and sleep there. Mommy stay away.”

When she realized that her prospects were to sleep alone in her room, she called for me. We made up. But that was some scary “threenager”-esque behaviour that I hadn’t seen before in my daughter!

Send wine and chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Early “threenager” behaviour?

  1. I would totally send wine and chocolate but it is all currently being consumed by me as I deal with my threenager. This past weekend he went to bed with his slippers on because he wore me down so much it wasn’t even worth the battle. He didn’t have a bath from Wednesday to Sunday because the hair washing screams were giving me grey hairs. And I had his bedroom door slammed in my face while he screamed at me to leave him alone. I’m sure there are more but my subconscious has decided to erase the moments from memory…thank god for that. So I will raise a glass of wine in solidarity. Stay strong!

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