The end of the afternoon nap

I always assumed that Avery would need her afternoon nap until she started kindergarten. She was always such a high sleep-needs baby. But the length of time it had been taking for her to fall asleep for naps and bedtime lately was problematic. It felt like she was being forced to get too much sleep. So I cut out my 26-month-old’s last remaining nap of the day, and here’s what happened…

She was happy, relaxed, and well behaved all day. We watched Frozen and relaxed during what would have been nap time – now renamed quiet time. She asked to go to bed at 7pm, lights were out by 7:30, and she was asleep by 7:45. The past few weeks had involved going to bed at 7:30 and not falling asleep until 9pm. It worked!!

We’ve now gone 3 days without a nap and it has been the same result every day. She’s tired by bedtime, but not an emotional wreck like she used to be when tired. She’s just tired enough to be ready to actually go to sleep when we want her to.

We’re not going to withhold a nap if she wants one, or if she looks like she really needs one. And we don’t have a hope in hell of keeping her awake on a long car ride (which we do most weekends to visit family). But for our general routine, the dropping of naptime has been a successful change!

And here are some pics of our wintery, festive fun, just getting started!


5 thoughts on “The end of the afternoon nap

  1. Gosh, I’ve really toyed with this as well. We’re going to bed by about 8:00, but she doesn’t get to sleep until about 9:00 (or even 10:00, if she had a two-hour nap or a late nap). I lay there with her the whole time, and while I love the quiet time together, it eats up my entire evening. Maybe we’ll experiment with no naps to see how it goes. Let us know if your success continues!

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    • Thanks! Does your daycare allow for quiet time instead? My daycare provider lets the kids who don’t nap anymore go to a different room and play quietly, or even watch a movie, while the young ones sleep. Avery’s at home for nap time so we haven’t had to deal with that at daycare yet though.


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