A toddler growth spurt

Oy Vey, it has been a while since I wrote, by my standards (a whole 2 weeks!). I haven’t been in a writing mood, which is weird for me. But here’s an update.

Avery has been going through a growth spurt. I kind of assumed these would be gone – or less life-disrupting – by the time she was two, but apparently I was wrong.

The first sign is the eating. Avery has been a picky eater for months and months and months. We had to rely on trickery to get vegetables into her. But for the past two weeks she has been eating everything in her sight. As an example, here’s what she had for an afternoon snack today: a cup and a half of sweet potato crackers, a peach, a pear, a banana, a hot chocolate with whipped cream, and a piece of toast. And she was beside herself cranky from hunger at 4:30 but she didn’t get dinner till 5:30. She then ate a full dinner of weird things (panko crusted baked tofu, pad Thai, and two adult sized portions of steamed green beans. And of course she had bedtime snacks). It’s out of control. We went to a family member’s house on the weekend and she had eaten through all the snacks we’d packed on the drive there, and then ate our family member out of house and home while we were there. The eating part of this growth spurt is definitely a welcome change, because we don’t have to worry at all that she’s getting enough nutrition.

The not so great side effect of this growth spurt is the clinginess. She is extremely possessive of me right now. When my wife gets home from work Avery suddenly turns into a whiney monster who will literally pin me down rather than have me do anything else besides hold her. I love my strong attachment with my daughter, but even I start to feel a little suffocated when she’s wrapped tightly around my neck, pinning me to the couch or floor, and if I stand up letting out an ear piercing whine/cry. I give her hugs because I don’t know what else to do, and it’s always just 4:30-bedtime. Right when my wife gets home. It’s unfortunate.

On that note, we are still going strong with no daytime naps. She’s definitely tired in the afternoon (and that probably has something to do with the clinginess), but she’s functioning fine, and bedtime is a 15 minute joyful cuddlefest now, instead of a 90 min frustration-fest. She napped twice in the past two weeks when we were on long car trips, and those bedtimes were horribly long. No naps it is. I’ll post more about that later.

I plan to do Blogmas, which is a daily blogging challenge in the month of December. There will be plenty of updates to come, including updates on our TTC plans!


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