Our daughter’s diblings (donor siblings)

We had our donor’s family over for dinner recently. Their two kids are 8 years and 18 months, and Avery has a budding friendship with both of them; especially the older one, who seriously loves Avery (seriously – she says it all the time, and hugs the daylights out of her, and it’s the sweetest thing ever).

We feel so incredibly lucky to have this positive relationship with our donor and his whole family. Although we’ve decided to have another baby so that Avery will have an actual sibling, it’s feels good to know she has other kids out there her age who she can be connected to in a special way. It’s different from a friendship, and it’s definitely not a sibling relationship. It’s just a unique relationship that not all kids get to experience.


3 thoughts on “Our daughter’s diblings (donor siblings)

  1. Do those kiddos know that their dad is also the donor? Obviously they’re super young, but just curious if they know. I’m honestly not sure how I’d handle that if I were in that situation. I think on one hand I’d want them to know they’re family, but on another it might be weird for them. It’s a lot to think about!

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    • The older one knows. They’re a very sciencey family – the older one knew what genes were and what the content of cells looked like at 4 years old. So she can understand her relation to my daughter as purely genetic, and not be weirded out by us not being one big family. But, it’s clear that she holds a special place in her heart for my daughter. Our donor does too, and that ok with me. 😊

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