I’m selling my wedding dress

I don’t know why it’s hard for me to do… I’m a minimalist at heart. I really dislike having stuff in my house that doesn’t have at least two purposes. My dress will very likely never be worn again. I bought it second hand and it needed repairs, and I spent hours and hours working on it before the wedding. It’s a Sue Wong design. 

Would I like to see a grown Avery in it one day, just for fun? Definitely. Will my life be incomplete without experiencing that? Nope. I’ll be just fine. I’ll move on. I probably won’t even notice it missing from the back of my closet. But it’s still kind of sad, so here’s a few of my favourite pics of the dress on my wedding day.



7 thoughts on “I’m selling my wedding dress

  1. That dress is so stunning that I don’t think you are going to have any trouble selling it! I love the colour and the back of it. Gorgeous! A friend of mine sold hers recently too and instead of waiting until the day when her daughter (same age as Avery) could wear it around, she did a cute little mini photoshoot of her toddler sitting among the dress and holding the dress. She just did the pictures herself with a standard camera and a warmly lit open space in their home. The pictures turned out adorable. She said that having those pictures helped her let go of the dress once she finally sold it. Could be a possibility for you to do unless it’s already been preserved in a box and you don’t want to pay to get it drycleaned again before selling. 🙂

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  2. Good wishes on a fast resale. Dress IS lovely. My standard advice is to wear the dress every week after the wedding to eat spaghetti with red sauce with your beloved because … why not? Clothes are for wearing and using. HOWEVER some are super expensive so recovering costs makes sense. REUSE is the key. You were a gorgeous bride. Best of all you seem to have a desirable marriage.

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