Fever and flu shot and cramps and my sweet child

Yesterday I picked Avery up from daycare at lunch and we went to get our flu shots. I really procrastinated on this task, but with the preschooler deaths being reported in Canada this year, I felt it was better late than never. When we got to the doctor’s office, I was told they only had 4 left, so I couldn’t get one. We also discovered that Avery had a fever… She had a cough through the night previous, but had been acting fine at daycare all morning and didn’t even feel hot to touch. But apparently I missed the fact that she had a virus 😣 Sorry kid.

It’s not generally recommended to get the flu shot when you have a pre-existing fever, but because the clinic was almost out of stock, our doctor helped me make the decision to give her the shot anyway. We were warned that she’d possibly feel twice as yucky as she would if she just had a virus, or just had the shot. And she did. She was a sad sack, who luckily slept the afternoon away. But by 10:30pm she was still wide awake, tossing and turning. We brought her into our bed. By 12:30am she was tossing and turning and whimpering in a light sleep. At 1am I woke her up to put her on the potty. More tossing and turning ensued. At 6am she was awake for the day. It was a rough night.

I woke up with some seriously unfortunately timed period cramps. I laid on the couch while I waited for the advil to kick in. Avery tucked me in under a cozy blanket, stroked my face and told me she loved me, and made me [pretend] coffee and breakfast. All while feeling like crap herself. She is seriously the best.

5 thoughts on “Fever and flu shot and cramps and my sweet child

  1. Babies being nurses to their parents are such a clear statement about how they were cared for because…. learned from model. Be proud of your selves, … both moms.

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