Her barf spewed in my face… #momlife

Avery was having another restless night last night because of the fever and general flu symptoms. I brought her into our bed around 5am (after spending hours going in and out of her room, holding warm washcloths against her chapped nose, handing her water, and taking her temperature). Not long after she got comfy with her head next to mine on my pillow, she started coughing. Suddenly I heard a heaving gag and I felt a spew of chunky liquid on my face. All the mucous triggered a little coughing and vomiting fit. Her barf literally sprayed me in the face. Before even wiping my face off, I picked her up and rubbed her back while she continued to barf down my back and into my hair. This is #momlife, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It can be gross, but it’s my calling.

The good news is, her fever broke this afternoon. The bad news is, now I have it.


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